musicians corner in the studio by Andrew Greer with audio adrenaline Album Title: Kings & Queens Label: Fair Trade Services release date: Spring 2013 recording Studio: Full Circle Studios Producer: Seth Mosley number of Songs: TBD Past & Present: Audio Adrenaline and I go back to the early 90s. I know a lot about this group as an insider, friend and fellow collaborator. It was amazing to craft something for the future of the band as well. Mark and I were creating almost immediately with song ideas and bigger themes for the record. It is great to be a part of something that doesn’t feel forced. –Kevin Max Musical ties: Like all musicians, we have changed with time. But prior influences can still be heard. Mark (Stuart) wrote ‘He Moves, You Move’ with Jason Walker, our keyboard player and it sounds like something off of Lift. There are ties to Some Kind of Zombie, which is my personal AA favorite. The songs I co-wrote are a new style for AA, but I was conscience of not skewing too far off of the beaten path. –K.M. servant songMen: The Hands & Feet Project, an outreach to the orphaned children of Haiti, plays as an important backdrop to the layers of messages within the songs: redemption, faith, hope, love and the overall consuming grace of God. Audio Adrenaline has always been a Jared Byers, drummer Kevin Max working class band for the masses. That sense of transparency and humility is still there. –K.M. For more inFormation, visit CCMMagazine.coM