FFHthemselves once more. Or, few years later, Jeromy was Healed, Grateful, Humble...tHe way tHey worsHip By Caroline lusk Jennifer and Jeromy Diebler, best known as FFH, have quite literally been around the world and back again— spiritually, physically, musically. The two, married since 1995 are reinventing perhaps it’s more accurate to say, they’re coming home. The parents of two have recently released a worship album that reflects the country roots of their childhood, the songs they have sung to lull their children to sleep and the gratitude that flows forth from hearts challenged and changed. After a good deal of commercial success, Jennifer and Jeromy left Music City and moved to Cape Town, South Africa to minister and begin a new, selfless way of life. A diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Upon moving back to the states and undergoing rounds of treatment, he began to improve. Soon, however, the floods that ravaged Nashville, Tenn., a few years ago damaged their home, leaving behind mold that created health problems for their entire family. Now, thankfully, everyone is on the mend. Hope flows out of every single song on their latest album, The Way We Worship, that beautifully reflects who they are as parents, as partners and as redeemed children of God. CCM caught up with Jeromy to hear the stories behind the new music and what their lives are looking like today. CCM: After several years establishing a distinct pop sound, why did you decide to go in a worship direction? How did your role as parents play into this album? CCMMagazine.coM