What’s NeW by Andy ArgyrAkis With Andy needhAm BAnd Boston based newcomers the Andy Needham Band are decidedly worshipful in nature, but that didn’t stop their debut disc Lifted High from taking a radio-ready direction with a little help from Grammy-winning producer Mitch Dane (Jars of Clay, Brandon Heath). Chances are that pop sensibility will come in handy as the group ministers in the underserved New England area and beyond, though as leader Needham tells CCM, he’d rather inspire listeners to lift up the Lord’s name than simply make a name for the band. CCM: How would you describe the Christian music scene in New England? Andy needhAm: I love calling New England home, but I wouldn’t exactly call it a hotbed for Christian music. Each of the four guys in the band attends different outstanding local churches, but if you add the total attendance together for any given Sunday morning, you would barely crack 1,000 people. That is normal. Faith communities in New England are typically not of the mega-church variety. There are a handful of fantastic artists we get to rub shoulders with, but only a few are able to make a living through their art. On my drive to CCMMagazine.coM