What’s NeW by andy argyrakis AnDy Cherry With just as much experience leading worship as playing the bar scene, Andy Cherry is just as vertically wound as he is reflective on his national debut disc Nothing Left to Fear (Essential Records). The recently married 25-year-old troubadour blends the best of both lyrical worlds over stomping and soft spoken guitar strums, all nestled in the crisp production of Jason Ingram (Tenth Avenue North, Rush of Fools, Aaron Shust). As for the compelling title of the collection, Cherry invites listeners to lay their worries at the foot of the cross and simply raise their hands in praise. With... Worth Dying For Think Worth Dying For is simply a modern worship band known for pushing the envelope with hints of alternative rock, synth pop, ballads and even screamo all rolled into one? Though music ministry is certainly a top priority for the multi-cultural troupe of players, the annual Ammunition Conference, which they founded and lead, is quickly becoming a national destination for praise teams, while members are also in the process of planting FEARLESS Church in Los Angeles this spring. As the group readies its latest album, Live Riot (Ammunition Records), co- founder Christy Johnson shares what the movement stands for and its ambitions to reach the lost. CCM: How would you describe this whole Riot concept? Christy Johnson: Today we have riots of hate, anger, rebellion, racism, and violence but now is the time for a Riot of love to break out. It’s about time we begin to be the church, the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. The Bible says God has not only called us to do the same things as Jesus did but ‘even greater’ things. It’s when super God meets natural me, supernatural things begin to take place– the sick healed, the dead raised, and the power of God flowing through one individual, resurrecting the life of another. When that shift takes place, a Riot of love will turn a city upside down. CCM: Would you classify Worth Dying For as a band, a church, a worship movement or a composite of all three? Johnson: Worth Dying For is a worship ministry connected to a powerful movement, Ammunition. A movement is something that produces enough substance to sustain lasting change in history. It cannot die or fizzle out, because it doesn’t start or end with me [or any one individual member]. As the lost are connected to Jesus and life changing discipleship occurs, there is a multiplication of leaders that takes place. All the sudden we begin to see a new breed of revivalists rising from the dust of the earth with a defined mandate to infiltrate culture, destroying what’s destroying them and rebuild the kingdom of God on earth. CCM: What are your upcoming church plant plans? Johnson: For the first year, my husband and I will build a ministry team throughout L.A., then love on the city in general with the goal of salvation, in turn, creating the need for a physical church and subsequent service. From there, FEARLESS will be officially up and running with Worth Dying For leading worship. For more inFo on Worth Dying For, visit WorthDyingFor.Com. 12 CCM