musicians corner in the studio with warren barField Album Title: Redbird Label: Noble Mountain Records Release Date: Fall 2012 Recording Studio: The Beanstalk, Franklin, TN, Shmowland Studios, Brentwood, TN, Plantation Studios, Charleston, SC Producers: Wayne Kirkpatrick, Bryan White, Bear Rinehart, Bo Rinehart, Seth Bolt, Warren Barfield Number of Songs: 10 IndIe Investment: An indie artist is often paying for their record. That means they have more say in what happens with the record. There is endless freedom in the studio to create whatever your imagination and budget will allow, with no one to reel you in with “radio won’t play that” line. That freedom is both awesome and terrifying, shouldering most of the responsibility. –Warren Barfield LImIt-LIst: Three different studios, different producers, different musicians . . . I tried to make it all fit by limiting what instruments were allowed. We made a list of instruments that were allowed and stuck with it. My vocals and the fact that I wrote or co-wrote every song also goes a long way in making it all fit. –W.B. FamILy tracks: Every song was inspired by my family! My grandparents, my parents, my wife. “Redbird” was written for my children. The redbird is not a migratory bird. It sticks around through the cold wind, rain and snow. I want my kids to know I will always be here; I’m not leaving when things get tough. –W.B. saLes PersPectIve: I am proud of this record. This is the record I wanted to make. I’m not measuring its success by comparing it to the sales of other records. The fact that it exists, and I’m proud to play it for anyone who will listen, is success enough. –W.B. For more inFormation, visit CCMMagazine.coM