Great Expectations Christmas 2012 promises another season of memories, magic and more! By Caroline Lusk We place great expectation on Christmas. Whenever those lights start twinkling and the gift lists start growing, it’s as if the whole world commands a new personality. And rightfully so! But not for the sales, the décor, the parties and presents... This spirit of joviality is a natural response for the greatest gift ever given. But as with all things, our human response varies from household to household, heart to heart. Enjoy reading how artists from Steven Curtis Chapman to Lincoln Brewster, Sandi Patty, Jason Crabb and more are celebrating and honoring the Savior’s birth. Along the way, share in the traditions and memories of Christmases past and present from even more of your favorite artists. Finally, as our gift to you, enjoy free downloads of the latest and greatest tunes from Christmas 2012. From CCM to you, Merry Christmas to all, and to all, happy reading! C C C C M M Ma M a g ga a z z in i ne e. . c co oM M