DAN MACAULAY or 16. Songs I wrote became songs I would sing for others, which became ones we would all sing, which became songs other churches would sing. It kind of grew... God continued to expand my sphere... I was a youth pastor from ‘99-2003, but started feeling the call to write more again and I got a sense that these songs were for more than our church. We should be recording them for the larger body of Christ. So in 2003, my season of youth ministry was done. We left there to go and pursue music and we were living in my mother-in-law’s house. It didn’t look From him, to Him By Caroline Lusk Dan Macaulay is one of those guys you may not have heard of...but you should! Talented, passionate and committed to offering and sharing authentic worship, he’s a living example of what it means to live your life as an act of worship. CCM sat down with him to learn more about his latest record, planting roots and taking music and ministry to Malaysia. CCM: How did you get your start in Christian music? DAN MACAULAY: I’m a church kid. I grew up in church and started leading worship and writing when I was 15 very good at first! But we recorded one album and then started touring and leading worship in different churches. Soon, though, we started feeling a little disconnected. We missed being a part of the church family and wanted to find a healthy way to do what we do. We went back to the church where I was a youth pastor and that’s where we are now. It’s been really healthy and good. CCM: What’s the story on the new project? DM: From You For You started out as an EP. I worked on three songs with 36 CCM Worship