performer’s edge with tom Jackson story behind the song BE THE 5-STAR ARTIST One of the 7 Deadly Sins of an Artist is “being good.” And trust me, being bad! There are a lot of artists out there that are good. They don’t know they need help— because they’re good. When I work with a group that’s really bad, taking them to good is easy! However, going from good to great is messy. It’s reshaping things, trying ideas, listening for strong parts of the song and developing them. Mistakes will be made, but some of the best ideas come when someone makes a mistake in rehearsal—they try something, it didn’t work, but it stimulates an idea. If we’re always just trying to get it “right” then we’ll never get to the place that’s great. We’ll always be just good. Going from good to great can be tedious. Why? Let’s take a hotel room as an example. A “good” hotel room is clean with a nice bed, a bathroom, a TV, a place to put your clothes. Nothing creepy about it—just a nice hotel room... But what makes a good hotel room a great hotel room? It’s the little things. The mint on the pillow, fat towels, a soft robe and my personal favorite: a phone by the toilet! It’s not flying beds or a TV with 5000 channels. It’s the same thing with your music. All of you probably have songs, can sing or play, move around the stage. You’re all “good hotel rooms”—good music career people. But what will take you to the next level? It’s the little things. It’s form and spontaneity. It’s creating moments. It’s having the faith and courage to take chances. It’s creating moments. It’s your uniqueness coming out. Let’s look back at the hotel analogy and money: why are the Hyatts hundreds of dollars while you spend $79 for the Hampton Inn? Is there anything wrong with the Hamptons? No, I stay in them! But when I stay at a high-end hotel, it’s pretty amazing. I don’t want to leave the room. (Sorry guys, can’t make it to rehearsal—I need to stay in the hotel bed ’cause it’s a pillowtop!) It’s a bunch of little things that make an amazing difference. So don’t be OK with being the 5-star artist! Tom Jackson, #1 Live Music Producer in the industry, helps artists develop their show into “unique memorable moments!” A Live Music Producer does onstage with the live show, what a record producer does in the studio. Tom’s Live Music Methods make your live show engaging, exceeding audience’s expectations and creating fans for life. Many successful artists have learned from Tom: Taylor Swift, Jars of Clay, Jordin Sparks, Casting Crowns, Francesca Battistelli, Gloriana, and other acts you admire! For more info, go to RuSH of foolS “Grace Found me” album: We once Were record Label: eone christian music release date: september 27, 2011 It’s been a while since we heard from the boys from Alabama most well-known as Rush of Fools. Change of labels, multiple family issues and other life drama and trauma has followed them around over the last few years, all the while lending inspiration for their upcoming album We Once Were (available September 27). The guys stopped by the CCM studios for a chat and dove into the story behind their first new single, “Grace Found Me.” Stating that it came quickly, just like that other song you may have heard of, “Undo,” that has become a mainstay at radio, this song tells of the thing that, despite all the hardships, they just can’t seem to get away from—grace. Listen in for their story and live acoustic performance of “Grace Found Me.” clIck HERE To wATcH THE ExcluSIvE vIdEo. cHEck ouT foR moRE Info. CCM 51