Rock Switchfoot Vice Verses (lowercase people) FOR FANS OF: Mute Math, Jamiroquai, Oasis QQQQQ Just as Good Monsters cemented Jars of Clay’s greatness over a decade into a stellar career, so Vice Verses establishes Switchfoot in much the same way. In fact, the San Diego outfit’s latest might just be its best yet. Jon Foreman’s never sounded better (or more personal), and the band’s expansive sound echoes mid-‘90s Oasis (“Where I Belong”), Jamiroquai (“Selling The News”) and Mute Math (“The Original”) all in one cohesive package. Easily one of the year’s best releases. rock reviewS rock new releaSeS monstrous drums and ferocious vocals, there’s a harder overall edge, merged with an underlying pop sensibility. All the while, the group sings of shedding depression and seizing each day, which is just as vital and powerful as the accompanying sounds. We Like: “Make a Move” rapture ruckuS Open Up Your Eyes (BEC Recordings) FOR FANS OF: Black Eyed Peas, Family Force 5, Linkin Park, Outkast QQQQ One of New Zealand’s most famous electro pop/hip-hop-tipped acts is about to infiltrate America with a full-throttled, beat-driven batch of unshakable, faith-affirming songs. Enter Rapture Ruckus, who has no trouble selling out stadiums back home and brings that energy and confidence to Open Up Your Eyes, along with a Prodigal Son-styled storyline that promises grace and redemption no matter how much one might mess up. Along with power choruses, sugary synths and surging production, it won’t be long before these imports are embraced on these shores. –Andy Argyrakis –Andy Argyrakis We Like: “The Air That i Breathe” 09.06.2011 09.13.2011 09.20.2011 09.20.2011 12 STONES OnlY HUman UNIvERSAl MUSIC/EMICMG 7EvENTH TIME DOWN aliVE in YOU BEC RECORDINGS/EMICMG NEEDTOBREATHE THE REckOning ATlANTIC RECORDS/WORD SWITCHFOOT VicE VERSES CREDENTIAl RECORDS/EMICMG MANIC DRIvE Epic BEMAMEDIA/PROvIDENT HEATHER WIllIAMS THiS TimE aROUnd FAIR TRADE SERvICES/ PROvIDENT RAPTURE RUCkUS OpEn YOUR EYES BEC RECORDINGS/EMICMG kIROS laY YOUR WEapOnS dOWn CENTRICITy/EMICMG RUSH OF FOOlS WE OncE WERE EONE MUSIC NEWWORlDSON TBd INPOP RECORDS/EMICMG –Matt Conner We Like: “Where i Belong” icon for hire Scripted (Tooth & Nail) FOR FANS OF: Paramore, Fireflight, My Chemical Romance, Evanescence QQQQ Though it might be easy to group Icon For Hire into the current female-fronted rock class, there’s actually many more facets to its label debut Scripted. Sure the southern Illinois-bred band cites Paramore as an influence, but thanks to brooding guitars, All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit category/rock/ 40 CCM