Worship Phil Wickham Response (Fair Trade Services) FOR FANS OF: Starfield, Leeland QQQQ The latest release from Phil Wickham features his trademark atmospheric tunes anchoring vertical lyrics, but the tunes on Response are steeped in strong synth work that adds a new layer to Wickham’s work. “Joy” is an imaginatively simple track that works beautifully, while “One God” is an obvious single. It’s clear Wickham remains at the top of his game and the worship genre. Travis coTTrell When the Stars Burn Down (in:ciite) FOR FANS OF: Michael W. Smith, Wess Morgan, Avalon QQQ Honing his pop-gospel- worship blend through leading thousands of worship services nationwide as Beth Moore’s right hand man and his full- time incorporation at Jackson, Tennessee’s Englewood Baptist, Cottrell further develops his church-oriented solo discography with a directly commercial approach on Stars. Incorporating typical arena-sized worship components, plus Travis’ big-voiced and often soulful backgrounds, his 10.04.2011 10.18.2011 WorshiP revieWs WorshiP neW releases PHIl WICkHAM ReSpOnSe FAIR TRADE SERVICES/ PROVIDEnT MARk CHOPInSky ISRAeL’S HOpe GAlIlEE OF THE nATIOnS/ PROVIDEnT ROBIn MARk FLy In:CITTE/EMICMG JASOn CRABB THe SOng LIveS On SPRInG HOuSE/EMICMG THE CITy HARMOnIC I HAve A DReAm (IT FeeLS LIke HOme) kInGSWAy/EMICMG SHAkE THE nATIOn BRuISeS & ScARS unIVERSAl MuSIC/EMICMG FFH WORSHIp In THe WAITIng BEMAMEDIA/PROVIDEnT WE ARE GATHERED BeLIeveR FACEDOWn RECORDS/ PROVIDEnT ClOSE yOuR EyES empTy HAnDS AnD HeAvy HeARTS VICTORy RECORDS/PROVIDEnT –Matt Conner WE LIKE: “Joy” Jason crabb http://aidsudan.org/radio-10-campaign far-and-few-between quiet balladry (“Thanks The Song Lives On (Gaither Gospel Series) FOR FANS OF: Michael English, The Crabb Family, The Oak Ridge Boys QQQQ His official sophomore project may still be coming around the corner, but there’s plenty to tide fans over across Jason Crabb’s flawless interpretation of timeless gospel standards across this separately sold CD/DVD set. Spun in the southern gospel, country, pop and soul traditions, the singer is amongst the most versatile of our time, while also being able to bridge the generation gap thanks to an all-star guest list that spans Bill Gaither to The Crabb Family. Be To Our God”) is where he shines best. Those enamored with Cottrell’s worship music aptitude will find plenty to love here, even if little is new. WE LIKE: “Thanks Be To Our God” The ciTy harmonic 10.25.2011 All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit www.ccmmagazine.com/ category/worship –Andy Argyrakis I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home) (Kingsway) FOR FANS OF: Coldplay, Phil Wickham, Arcade Fire QQQQ With the first few notes, it’s clear that comparisons to Coldplay ring true... but imitation is not all The City Harmonic has to offer. Following up their acclaimed Introducing EP, they prove here that they are no one-hit wonder. Artistic songs like the piano-accented “Spark” and the One Republic- esque “Fell Apart” will surely gain them even more accolades. What sets them apart from hipster-friendly acts like Arcade Fire and Mumford and Sons is their remarkably hopeful and faith-tinged lyrics. Strong vocals and lilting instrumentation round out a fabulous first full-length album. –Andrew Greer WE LIKE: “Though the Fire” 38 CCM –Grace S. Aspinwall WE LIKE: “Benediction”