roCk NeedTobreaThe The reckoning (Atlantic) FOR FANS OF: Kings of Leon QQQQ the sweet, Southern rock of needtobreathe captures the attention of all who hear it, and The Reckoning offers proof positive that this South Carolina train isn’t slowing anytime soon. Taylor Swift personally asked Bear rinehart & co. to open on her latest north American tour, showing just how big they’ve become and surefire hits like “drive All night” and “Slumber” will further cement that platform. All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit category/rock/ roCk reviews roCk New releases swagger on “dang girl.” It’s clear FF5 are still having as much fun as ever, but they’ve added some new, impressive flavors to III. WE LIKE: “Can You Feel It” seveNTh day slumber The anthem of angels (BEC Recordings) FOR FANS OF: Jeremy Camp, Lifehouse, Creed QQQQ It’s hard to believe Seventh day Slumber is already on its eighth studio album, though the group’s certainly earned such longevity, mainly given members’ impressive lyrical candor. Like past projects, the guys are quick to divulge their personal struggles in order to benefit their ever increasing audience and this collection pulls no punches. Whether talking about struggling to hear the voice of god or striving to find peace amongst stress, the cross section between driving modern rockers and booming ballads is sure to hit the spot. –Matt Conner –Andy Argyrakis WE LIKE: “Never Too Far Gone” 11.08.2011 11.15.2011 rIghteouS vendettA lawlESS vIctory recordS/ProvIdent Seventh dAy SluMber THE aNTHEm Of aNGElS bec recordIngS/eMIcMg run KId run paTTErNS tooth & nAIl recordS/ eMIcMg deMon hunter BEST Of TBD tooth And nAIl recordS/ eMIcMg –Matt Conner WE LIKE: “Drive All Night” Family ForCe Five III (Tooth & Nail) FOR FANS OF: Dance Rock QQQ the party vibe lingers from Family Force Five’s previous releases, but the Southern quintet’s latest is covered in more grit than ever. It’s a Southern fried rock and roll dance party they’re presenting on the intense “can you Feel It,” easily FF5’s best song yet. The trend continues in sillier form on “Wobble” and with a hip-hop 44 CCM