story behind the song writer’s room By Audrey ASSAd Jaime Jamgochian is a busy lady. From running her own conferences—Modest is Hottest—to touring, recording and writing, her downtime is little to non-existent. Guess it’s apropos that her latest single heating up the charts is called “the Stand.” She gave CCM an inside look at the story behind the powerful tune. Jaime Jamgochian “The Stand” (Centricity) thoughtS on inSpiration — part four: wreStling m u s ic ia n s c o r n er “I won’t let you go until you bless me,” said a very small human named Jacob to an angel. The story has haunted me for years. A man and a messenger, locked in a fight that could surely only be won by the heavenly being. And yet, the being (who, according to Tradition, was a pre-Incarnate Christ) allowed Jacob to wrestle him. His antlers locked with the angel’s, he earned his future name—Israel, which means “wrestles with God.” This, friends and artists, is our history. The Church, which tradition and theology have taught us is spiritual Israel, is steeped in a past of wrestling. Ever since I learned this, I’ve walked in freedom from the guilt I used to feel about my questions, my doubts. My desire, to wrestle with truth and with God, is part of who I am and part of who the Church is; it seeps into my art and my writing because it’s part of how I form ideas and conscience and beliefs. Pieces of art can’t and shouldn’t always be composed like sitcoms—wrapped up neatly at the end of a half hour, leaving a warm and fuzzy wake. When we create like that, we end up producing a bunch of Christmas television specials in a culture that spends all its time watching “reality” TV. People of all walks of life are looking for something honest. God is plenty strong enough to stand up to your questions, your doubts, your fear and even your anger. Wrestle with truth… wrestle with Him. And don’t be afraid to create out of your wrestling. check out to learn more! 52 CCM 52 CCM