m u s ic ia n s c o r n er in the studio By Andrew Greer Album Title: Vice Verses Label: Lowercase People release date: Summer 2011 recording Studio: Spot X studio, San Diego, Calif. Producer: Neal Avron (Producer), Mike Elizondo (Executive Producer) number of Songs: TBD Discovery channels: Hello Hurricane was a struggle to start the band over in so many ways. Now the pressure is internal—to stretch and go places we’ve never been before. Music is our vehicle to explore life. This part of the journey feels as if we’re discovering new ground both musically and lyrically. –Chad Butler To infiniTy anD BeyonD: If the last record got as far as the Van Allen radiation belts, then Vice Verses is reaching for trans-lunar trajectory. – C.B. checking 1, 2, 3: Most of these songs were written over the last several months and our first instincts as were captured during tour soundchecks. A couple new songs have happened spontaneously in the last week. –C.B. song PhilosoPhy: Vice Verses is about the struggle to make sense of an upside down world full of contradictions. –C.B. sTuDio fellowshiP: [My favorite part of the studio] is the communal search for new musical ideas and the way a lyric can spark a meaningful conversation with your best friends. –C.B. gear ProPs: Here’s a quick list of gear faves from Drew and Chad: Drew shirley: • Piece of Gear: Supro Amp • Specs: 1954, Supro Super tube amp “Madame Beast” • Pros: Small tube amp with big sound, dangerous raw distortion • Cons: It’s older and needs TLC with… Switchfoot chaD BuTler: • Piece of Gear : Tama Snare Drum • Specs: Kenny Aranoff Trackmaster brass 6.5 x 14” • Pros: Sounds fat and inspired most of the new beats. • Cons: Looks fancy with super bling engraved design. 50 CCM 50 CCM