Crossover highlights Check out recent recordings The McCrary Sisters have contributed to… Patty Griffin Downtown Church (EMi) Buddy miller The Majestic Silver Strings (New West) mike Farris Shout! LIVE (iNo) pete molinari A Train Bound For Glory (Clarksville) Having lent their familial folk-soul vocals to the stages and recordings of industry giants like Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder and Johnny Cash, The McCrary Sisters—daughters of the late Reverend Sam McCrary, charter member of Gospel music’s legendary Fairfield Four—released their first project as a collective, Our Journey (independent), last fall. Regina, Ann and Alfreda grant CCM an exclusive look into their infectious harmonic hearts. CCM: After decades of pursuing individual musical careers, what inspired you to reunite for our journey? ann: Years ago, we all sang together. Then life happened. Everyone was busy with personal demons. We were not ready. Years passed and Regina and i started singing with Bobby Jones. Then we toured with Buddy Miller, did a lot of session work and started singing with Mike farris. Everyone asked us, ‘Where is your CD?’ We finally started asking ourselves the same question. CCM: How has your father, Sam McCrary, influenced your current endeavors? Regina: God gave our father faith and reassurance. Our father gave us spiritual confidence to know that the vision God gave him would be passed down to us. When God gives man a vision, after awhile the man dies, but not the vision. our father was a great man. ann: it was his prayer for us to sing together. We feel as if we are keeping his legacy alive by pursuing our music. alfreda: our father was our hero. CCM: our journey covers everything from Americana Folk to Four-Square Gospel. What inspires this wide-ranging mix? ann: over the years we have had the pleasure of singing with some very talented artists and love all their different styles. Being in Music City, we have worked with all kinds of musicians. Elvis Presley, Reba McEntire, Hank Williams, Jr., Buddy Miller, Patty Griffin, Little Richard, BeBe & CeCe, Yolanda Adams and so many more. We have experienced a wide variety of music and this CD is telling of our journey. CCM: Is there a litmus test an artist’s music has to pass before you will agree to participate? Regina: i won’t sing songs with cussing and sexual lyrics in them...But thank God, all of the people who call us already know and respect that. CCM: What role does faith play in your music making? Regina: only what you do for Christ will last. ann: one thing we have learned is that we need someone greater than us to lead us out of our troubles and trials. i hope we can be a light at the end of a tunnel that says, ‘if we made it through you can too.’ We want our music to make people smile, give them hope, encourage them and let them know we are not alone because God is bigger than all of us. alfreda: Without faith it’s impossible to please God. So at the end of the day i check to make sure that all i have done has been pleasing to my father. Sometimes i miss it, but thank God for a second chance. —Andrew Greer The McCrary Sisters CCM 47