couRRieR A violent Flame (Independent) FOR FANS OF: Athlete, The Fray QQQQ A Violent Flame defies any assumptions you might have about independent releases. from hypnotic, layered ballads like “Morning Light” to emotional epic anthems like “Begging You Alive,” Courrier beautifully inhabits every sonic space they choose to explore. You’d do well to possess the beauty pouring from every part of the Austin band’s debut. –Matt Conner WE LIKE: “Begging You Alive” the galleRy Come Alive (Independent) FOR FANS OF: Augustana, Tom Petty QQQ A bar room bliss emerges on “Catalyst,” the first track on The Gallery’s debut EP, Come Alive. it’s the pop/rock appeal that embodies established acts like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers or relative newcomers like Augustana and The fray. Shades of Emerson Hart and Counting Crows also reside on the five tunes present, but The Gallery creates a positive sonic blend that appeals to the masses. –Matt Conner WE LIKE: “Catalyst” aRthuR alligooD I have Not Seen The Wind (Independent) FOR FANS OF: Dan Mangan, Bill Mallonee QQQQ Arthur Alligood is that rare artist armed with the same acoustic every other singer/ songwriter wields who can conjure something that stands apart from the typically oversaturated genre. I Have Not Seen The Wind features carefully crafted melodic turns that bear a pleasantness amidst the weight Alligood’s delivery gives each word. it’s heartbreaking and beautiful and deserves to be heard by a larger audience. –Matt Conner WE LIKE: “Keep Your Head Up” inDie ReviewS indie 42 CCM