Tour spoTlighT by andy argyrakis Dolly Parton’s “9 To 5” musical broadway Tour bank of america TheaTre/chicago, iL Photos by Andy Argyrakis Though the two hour and fifteen minute family-friendly show could’ve easily been cut by at least 20 minutes, the cast did an impressive job emulating the initial leading ladies and kept Parton’s soundtrack burning bright across countless laugh out loud moments. Theatergoers can judge for themselves through July 31 with a full list of cities and dates at As for the show itself, main characters Violet (Dee Hoty), Doralee (“American Idol” alum Diana DeGarmo, also the niece of Christian rock legend Eddie DeGarmo) and Judy (Mamie Parris) turned in a drop dead hysterical adventure of kidnapping their boss and whipping their office into shape during his absence. The idea of the popular movie turned musical “9 to 5” hitting the road was enticing enough for fans of Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, but having an original film actress and songwriter show up on opening night in Chicago only elevated the anticipation-riddled atmosphere. None other than country, gospel and pop queen Parton walked the red carpet on her 65th birthday, looking half that age and beaming from ear to ear. Besides appearing in the flesh on opening night, Parton also popped up on the big screen to introduce the show, thanking the audience for coming and instructing them to tell their friends if they loved it and keep their mouths shut if they didn’t. After this particular show, Parton promised she’d soon be returning to the silver screen, this time with Queen Latifah in the gospel movie Joyful Noise, which finds their two strong-willed characters becoming fast friends as they try to save a struggling Gospel choir. But before she could fly back to that set, the “9 To 5” cast couldn’t help but salute her birthday with a traditional sing-a- long and cake cutting ceremony. Aside from her personal milestone, she has several reasons to celebrate professionally, including the musical’s string of four Tony Award nominations, 15 Drama Desk nominations and a Grammy nod. And once she made her way inside and “9 to 5” actually got underway, the audience’s regular rounds of laughter explained all the attention. Your Tour DesTinaTion CCM AND TODAYSCHRISTIANMUSIC.COM KEEPS YOU IN-TUNE WITH THE HOTTEST TOURS GOING ON RIGHT NOW! CLiCK Here For THe LaTesT on Tours WiTH BranDon HeaTH, MerCY Me, neWsBoYs anD More! CCM 13