Throughout Abandon’s sophomore CD Control (Forefront), parallel themes of boldly living out one’s faith life and surrendering to God’s plan with unwavering commitment converge over anthemic, orchestral pop and dance floor-filling beats. Consider the five piece band to pick up where the legendary DC Talk left off, coupled with modern day influences spanning OneRepublic to Passion Pit, plus a slew of other hipster acts. Front man/guitarist Josh Engler gave CCM the full scoop on how the guys have begun the process of relinquishing Control over their personal and professional lives, along with what they hope fans will take away from the project’s powerful messages. ccm: Tell us who you’re listening to these days and how those sounds inspired the new album. Josh EnglEr: Phoenix, Passion Pit, We are Scientists, OneRepublic, Air Review and Neon Trees… The What’s NeW by andy argyrakis With… AbAndon guitar work from these records inspired us to take a new approach rhythmically versus the first record. The simplistic and anthemic beats helped us see rhythm in a new light and helped shape the movements of the songs on Control. ccm: How were you specifically able to relinquish control to God for His plans with the band? EnglEr: I wouldn’t say that we have completely relinquished control to God. It’s a process that goes hand in hand with our spiritual journey. It’s a daily and ongoing process of failures and victories that keep us relying on God. ccm: What do you hope listeners will be able to take away from your lyrical journey? EnglEr: We want them to be challenged to grow in their faith, to see life in a way they haven’t before, to look at the world through the eyes of the savior and let God make their hearts more like His. ccm: The band sounds more confident than ever before on this record. To what do you attribute that growth? EnglEr: When you play music with the same guys for long enough, you develop a chemistry and hone your instincts to know when a song or a melody has that special factor. We feel every song on the new record has that special factor, and not in an arrogant way, but in the same way a person keeps breathing. It’s just natural; you don’t have to think about it too hard. PAul ColmAn Trio Since his time leading the Paul Colman Trio, singer/songwriter/ guitar player Paul Colman has logged time as a solo artist and as a member of the newsboys. But these days, he’s reunited with bassist Grant Norsworthy and drummer Phil Gaudion, plotting a comeback tour of their homeland Down Under. As part of that trek, the Grammy nominated group (also known as PC3) will be headlining Australia’s massive Easterfest on April 22 in Towoomba, Queensland. However, American fans need not fear as the group’s been recording in Nashville for a forthcoming 2011 studio CD, which will mark the full band follow-up to 2003’s One. 12 CCM