m u s ic ia n s c o r n er in the studio By Andrew Greer Album Title: On the Alter of Love* working title Label: Centricity Music release date: August 23 recording Studio: Dark Horse Studio, Franklin, TN; Fun Attic Studio, Brentwood, TN Producer: Mark Heimermann number of Songs: 11-12 (TBD) The Legend ConTinues: This record is the epic bookend to Wide Eyed and Mystified and Ending Is Beginning. –Jason Germain Radio CaLL: As mysterious and unpredictable as radio success is, I have a feeling that our biggest “career” songs will come from this record. If we’re faithful to our calling— giving a voice to believers—we’ll strike a chord with our listeners. That comforts me as a songwriter. –Marc Cartel sTudio M.o.: Caffeine, laughter and letting things be a little sloppy like the real thing. –J.G. Top piCk: “Let Me Rediscover You” was the eleventh hour song and a key track. It says exactly what I want to say in prayer form and in a vocal range that is just right for me. I think a lot of people will hear it and say, “Me too.” –M.C. with… Downhere FRonTMan FavoRiTes: Here’s a quick rundown of Marc’s top gear picks: • Piece of Gear: ‘53 Gibson Advanced Jumbo Reissue • Specs: Full scale, rosewood back and sides, spruce top. Looks like a Gibson J-45 but brighter and louder. Inspiring to play. • Pros: Has that throaty, woody, Gibson mid-range. • Cons: I wish it was thirty years older. • Piece of Gear: Fender ‘52 Hot-Rod Deluxe Telecaster RI. • Specs: Butterscotch blonde. Seymour Duncan mini humbucker in the neck position. My main guitar. • Pros: So expressive. Thicker sounding than the classic Tele but can do the classic Tele twang if that were ever needed! • Cons: Makes me never want to switch to my Les Paul. • Piece of Gear: A 65 London amp borrowed from a very generous friend of ours. • Specs: 18 Watts. Dual channel. One side is a Vox AC-15 replica. The other is a Marshall Plexi replica. • Pros: A wide spectrum of usable Class A, clean to quite dirty tones. • Cons: A little pricey. Then again, most Class A’s are… For more inFormation on Downhere, visit Downhere.com. 48 CCM 48 CCM