Blindside with Shivering hearts we wait (INO Records) FOR FANS OF: Underoath, P.O.D., Norma Jean QQQQ After a four year break to start families and partner with a new record label, Blindside is back and sounding even more hungry than the first go around. With Shivering Hearts We Wait boasts both some of the hard rock act’s most mighty aggression beside some of its greatest accessibility, likely to please both longtime and brand new fans. The Swedish foursome also invokes the idea of boldly and bravely living out one’s faith even amidst life’s inevitable roadblocks. –Andy Argyrakis WE LIKE: “There Must Be Something In the Wind” owl ciTy All Things bright and beautiful (Universal Republic) FOR FANS OF: The Postal Service, Joy Electric, Death Cab For Cutie QQQQ Topping the astronomical success of the platinum Ocean Eyes album won’t be easy, but Owl City figurehead Adam Young packed All Things Bright and Beautiful with enough innovation that it stands a strong chance. While his sweet and sunny synth-pop pleasantries remain just as infectious as ever, there’s a new found musical and lyrical maturity gleaned from his extensive worldwide travels. Sophisticated keyboard arrangements abound and there’s even a curious collaboration with rapper Shawn Crystopher, all tied around a thematic backdrop of unquenchable hope and joy. –Andy Argyrakis WE LIKE: “Alligator Sky” rock reviews All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit rock new releases 06.07.2011 THouSANd FooT kRuTCH LiVe AT The MASqueRAde TooTH & NAIl/EMICMG MANAFEST LiVe iN CoNCeRT BEC RECoRdINGS/EMICMG BlINdSIdE wiTh ShiVeRiNg heARTS we wAiT INo RECoRdS/PRovIdENT RoYAl TAIloR bLACk & whiTe REuNIoN RECoRdS/ PRovIdENT 05.14.2011 oWl CITY ALL ThiNgS bRighT ANd beAuTiFuL uNIvERSAl/EMI 05.21.2011 vARIouS FiRe iT uP TooTH ANd NAIl RECoRdS/ EMICMG AuGuST BuRNS REd LeVeLeR TooTH ANd NAIl/EMICMG THE CRIMSoN ARMAdA CoNViCTioN RAzoR ANd TIE/PRovIdENT THESE HEARTS FoReVeR eNded yeSTeRdAy vICToRY RECoRdS/PRovIdENT roCk 40 CCM