newsong one True god (HHM Records) FOR FANS OF: Phillips, Craig & Dean, Bob Carlisle, Francesca Battistelli QQQQ In the same vein as the iconic “The Christmas Shoes” and smash hit “When God Made You,” Newsong gives their listeners yet another winning project. The album includes the rousing and inspiring, “Strong City” and the charming “The Way You Smile,” which features dove-winner Francesca Battistelli. Although the album will resonate with fans of veterans Bob Carlisle and Phillips, Craig & dean, it should also find a home for the twenty- something set as well. –Grace S. Aspinwall WE LIKE: “Strong City” peTer Furler on Fire (Sparrow) FOR FANS OF: Newsboys QQQ Peter Furler might be two years removed from his long-term stint as the Newsboys frontman, but the same strong melodic hooks remain front and center on his solo debut, On Fire. lead single “Reach” paints a familiar synth canvas while adding strings to craft a surefire radio hit, while “Psalm 23” spins a dance hall flavor complete with auto-tuned lyrics. It doesn’t all work, but it’s always interesting. –Matt Conner WE LIKE: “Reach” naTHan Tasker home (Entertainment One) FOR FANS OF: Josh Wilson, Matt Maher, Jason Gray QQQ With the tags “Bestselling” and “#1” already marking his Christian music career down under, the Australian singer/ songwriter creates a stateside debut bound to spark similar favorable industry vocabulary. Stamping eleven songs with explicit Christ-centered verses and polished pop/rock production by CCM superstars Charlie Peacock, Jason Ingram and Rusty varenkamp, Tasker’s appeal to Christian music’s core is a no-brainer. And though this formula does little to expand the genre musically, Home genuinely reflects Tasker’s spiritual heart. –Andrew Greer WE LIKE: “Something Beautiful (Grace)” adulT conTemporary reviews adulT conTemporary new releases 06.07.2011 CRYSTAl lEWIS PLAiNANd SiMPLe METRo oNE MuSIC/WoRd CHICAGo MASS CHIoR XV dVd NEW HAvEN RECoRdS/ PRovIdENT 06.14.2011 JACkIE EvANCHo dReAM wiTh Me INTEGRITY MuSIC/PRovIdENT 06.21.2011 PETER FuRlER oN FiRe SPARRoW RECoRdS/EMICMG THE MARTINS New dAy SPRING HouRS/EMICMG adult Contemporary All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit 38 CCM