M is s io n M a t te r s by Caroline Lusk Fatherhood Becoming the man of God your children need around this time of year, we thought we’d chat with some dads who are doing their best to get it right. Mark Hall of Casting Crowns and Russ Lee and Matt Goodwin from Newsong all have multiple kids, multiple roles to juggle and a singular focus on being the dads they have been called to be. MaN UP “We take the role of daddies and husbands seriously,” says Matt. “And we respect how much our wives take care of things when we’re gone. And when we’re home we try to pay it back.” Mark Hall echoes the thought. “I don’t have hobbies,” he says. “I don’t spend time on a golf course or in front of the TV. I’m with my kids. That’s what my dad did right and that’s what I wanna do right.” Much like Mark, Russ and Matt and the other members of Newsong have had good examples in the camp of manning up to the call of husband and father. “Eddie [Carswell] and the other founding members of the group made sure their families were always their priority,” says Russ. ”There was never any question about It’s hard to overstate the importance of the father within the family and the lives of children. In 2011, it’s very often assumed that mom makes the household run. She keeps the schedules, teaches lessons, make sure everyone is fed, clean and delivered to the appropriate places on time and, whether she works an additional job outside the home or not, it’s pretty evident that mom is key to the survival of the household. So…what about dad? Breadwinner? Ok. That role is sometimes assumed. Emotionally critical to the health of the kids and wife? Without question, although that role is more often than not ignored, forgotten or written off because there’s just no time. Dads are crucial. Sons need to learn how to become men. Daughters need a man to help them understand who they are as women and to foster a sense of confidence that can only come from a male figure. And mom…words can’t begin to describe how much she needs (whether she appears to or not) a support, a confidante, a shelter and a love she can experience. Dad, you’re important. And since Father’s Day is right Russ Lee and family 28 CCM