The Life Book: Reaching teens... through teens Author: Carl Blunt Carl Blunt is passionate, if anything. And it’s that energy to share the gospel specifically with students that led to a dynamic partnership that’s reaching hundreds of thousands. The Life Book is the latest creation by The Gideons International, the global organization that has placed 1.6 billion Bibles around the world in more than 190 countries. The goal is to create a completely free resource for churches to help mobilize student ministries to hand out the gospel in a new format to their peers. Enter Blunt who helped to develop the idea. “We began working with the Gideons International and, as you probably know, they’re a massive organization with work all over the world,” says Blunt. “In the United States, they found they were having a difficult time getting into high schools. So they created a separate ministry that focuses on student to student distribution because of the religious freedom rights of students to hand out religious literature.” With over 20 years working with student ministries across the country, Blunt was the ideal candidate to bring in. His passion for the project is obvious as he shares both the need and the impact. “Recent studies show that only four percent of today’s high school students are Bible-believing Christians,” explains Blunt. “That’s a pretty scary thought and it’s a lower percentage than countries we view as mission fields like Haiti, Honduras or Belize. With that thought in mind, we realized the majority of students receiving The Life Book would not have a church background. They wouldn’t understand creation or the fall, sin or the need for a savior. In other words, they didn’t have a framework for understanding why Jesus would have to come.” Because of this, The Life Book summarizes the Old Testament and presents the Gospel of John. Then it also includes a salvation plan and helps near the end. But it’s the interactive side that has Blunt particularly excited. “We actually have four students and one adult who comment and ask questions in the margins, much like if you were reading a book and wanted to highlight something or draw an arrow,” he says. “Teens are always on their cell phones and sharing things with friends, so we wanted to highlight that interactivity and, in a sense, have the conversations that students would really have as they read the Scriptures.” Blunt says 1.2 million books are already being printed for the upcoming school year and there are plans to expand globally to South Africa and even translate the book into Spanish. Because of faithful servants like Blunt, the ministry of the Gideons continues well into the 21st century. LOG ONTO THELIFEBOOK.COM TO LEARN MORE CCM 55