ENTERTAINMENT BY MATT CONNER BOOK God’s Shelter For Your Storm Author: Sheila Walsh As much as any other speaker, author or musician, Sheila Walsh is a staple at the long-running Women of Faith conferences. The thing that keeps women coming back to her again and again for advice and encouragement through her messages and books is pretty straightforward: her authenticity. Walsh has earned the trust of many around the world as she speaks vulnerably about her own struggles and fears, and her latest book, God’s Shelter For Your Storm, chronicles her own trust in God’s promises through these crises. It’s an inspirational read that Walsh says she doesn’t have to sell the idea behind. Instead, she’s afraid we don’t know enough about God’s promises in the first place. “Rather than overselling God’s promises, I think we’ve undersold them,” says Walsh. “I think it’s C.S. Lewis who said that we’re splashing around in a puddle when God has said to come swim in the ocean. When you begin to dig deeper and look at the context and understand what the promises mean in their context, there’s so much that we’ve missed if we just gloss over them.” The passion to write the book came out of a letter she received from a frequent Women of Faith attender that she’d kept in contact with. The correspondence reminded her of God’s own faithfulness to her through depression and sorrow, and ultimately pushed her to write out of her experience. “A woman that I see every year at Women of Faith wrote to me two years ago and said that her husband had just died the day before. She had also discovered she had breast cancer. She didn’t know if she would hold onto her house or whether she could pay the medical bills. But then she wrote, ‘I would not have made it this far if not for the promises of God.’ She didn’t say it as somebody trying to say the right thing. She wrote it as someone who has found the promises of God to be true. I finally thought, ‘It’s time to write about this because it’s not just something I believe. This is something that I know as well.’” For Walsh, the idea behind the book also fit well with wanting to give attendants at Women of Faith something substantial to take away with them, rather than hope they remember a few things they’ve heard. “I wanted to be able to give women something as they leave on a Saturday night and perhaps go back to a difficult or impossible situation, and provide them with something that they can stake their life upon,” says Walsh. “It occurred to me that the only things we can cling to are the promises of God. We make promises that we constantly break. It’s become devalued in our society, but God’s promises are absolutely rock solid.” FOR MORE ON SHEILA, VISIT SHEILAWALSH.COM 54 CCM