IN THE STUDIO BY ANDREW GREER WITH... JASON GRAY Album Title: A Way to See In the Dark Label: Centricity Music Release Date: September 13 Recording Studio: The Conservatory, Franklin TN Producer: Jason Ingram and Rusty Varenkamp Number of Songs: 12 SONG SURRENDER: I often write with a theme in mind, but with these songs I wrote anything that tugged on my shirtsleeve. By approaching these songs as a gift I receive instead of clay I have to shape, songwriting becomes less something I control and more something I surrender to. I’m afraid that sounds fanciful and mystical, but maybe there is something mystical about it—like with prayer. –Jason Gray SPIRITUAL PRESCRIPTION: I’ve been dealing with a lot of uncertainties in my life that have given fear too much voice. This album speaks of trusting the goodness of the Lord as a way to see when we are being blinded by fear. Understanding who we are to Jesus is a potent antidote to fear and anxiety. –J.G. TAKE ONE: When the song first comes alive with the band playing on it, I’m reminded what a great privilege it is to get to do what I do. I’m grateful. –J.G. SERVICE PROJECT: I’m blessed to work with quality people who all want the same thing—songs of truth that invite the Kingdom into any given moment, that honor God and that connect with the people that we feel called to serve. –J.G. LARRIVEE LOGISTICS: Half of the new album was written with my guitar tuned down to C. So from the lowest string to the highest it is: C-G-C-G-C-E. Only a few guitars can handle being tuned that low without losing intonation. My friend and frequent collaborator, Andy Gullahorn (, has a Larrivee that works well and he kindly loaned it to me. Now if only I could learn to play it as well as he does. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON JASON GRAY, VISIT JASONGRAYMUSIC.COM. 48 CCM MUSICIANS CORNER