The Farewell Drifters In a CCM exclusive, Zach Bevill, frontman for modern bluegrass band The Farewell Drifters explains the heart and soul behind the quintet’s third retropop-folk release, Echo Boom (Heart Squeeze Records). CCM: How does Echo Boom distinguish itself from Yellow Tag Mondays? Zach Bevill: We recorded the last album over two years. We recorded Echo Boom in a few weeks, so it feels more organic to me—like a singular, cohesive statement. It has more life, more confidence and a little more rawness. We had a grand vision and [our producer] Nielson Hubbard (Matthew Perryman Jones, Judd & Maggie) was able to capture and run with it. I’ve never had this much fun recording music, and never been happier with the result. CCM: Despite the sunny timbres of Drifters music, you guys aren’t afraid to lyrically explore themes of substance. What are some of those themes on this record? Zach: A lot of the ideas throughout the record relate to who we are as members of the Echo Boom generation: the kids of the baby boomers who came of age in the 21st century. We dig deeper on this record, exploring themes of brokenness and doubt and coming to terms with that through redemption and faith. Maybe it’s a maturity thing. It feels OK to say, “We don’t have it figured out.” I realize that if I doubt myself or God I am probably not the only one, so let’s share that and let it be what it is. If we didn’t explore these struggles through music, then hope wouldn’t mean as much. CCM: You guys are contributing to a major folk revival among Echo Boomers. What do you attribute this retro-folk rebirth to? Zach: Maybe it’s a backlash from growing up in the Internet age and cyber reality... There’s something earthy and honest about folk music. Its roots are in a communal experience and so maybe people turn to it because they find that it offers a strong connection with others and makes us realize the common threads in a world where it’s so easy to insulate ourselves with iPods and laptops. CCM: What kind of lasting legacy do you hope to produce through your music? Zach: All right dudes who lived and shared through song would be just fine... We like to sing together a lot, so I’d be very proud if that became our legacy. But it would be even better if our music could last as a source of inspiration, to lift someone’s spirits or help them know they’re not alone in whatever struggle they’re going through. — Andrew Greer CROSSOVER HIGHLIGHTS Members Only Inspired by the cover photo for Echo Boom where the Farewell fellas each don a different colored Members Only jacket, the MO had the band stop in for a special visit at the NYC headquarters CLICK HERE CCM 47