CROSSOVER VARIOUS ARTISTS Songs For Japan (Legacy) FOR FANS OF: U2, Bob Dylan, Keith Urban QQQ Many musicians were quick to respond to the disaster in Japan, offering up donations out of their own pocket and encouraging fans to do the same. However, with the list of needs growing by the day, the music industry as a whole is uniting for Songs For Japan (Legacy), a double disc, 38-track collection featuring a slew of superstars. Catch tracks from spiritually provocative legends like U2, Bob Dylan and John Lennon, plus today’s positive-leaning ringleaders like Beyonce, Justin Bieber and Keith Urban. All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit category/crossover/ CROSSOVER REVIEWS CROSSOVER NEW RELEASES endless hours in airports, hotel rooms and dressing rooms). The resulting Destroyed is dark and foreboding at times, but will also make fast friends with any insomniacs (a trait shared by this composer), along with those looking for a contemplative chill out soundtrack after a trying day. –Andy Argyrakis WE LIKE: “The Broken Places” JACKIE EVANCHO Dream With Me (Columbia/Provident) FOR FANS OF: Charlotte Church, Sarah Brightman, Hayley Westenra QQQQ She wowed the world with her performances on “America’s Got Talent,” but this pint-sized singer has only improved since her television debut. Now eleven years old, Jackie Evancho soars through every minute of Dream With Me. Her haunting version of “All I Ask of You” is breathtaking, and her duets with Susan Boyle and Barbra Streisand are sumptious. There is a rare purity and joy imbued in these songs. This album would be lovely dinner-party fodder, or even appropriate for children to enjoy as they drift off to sleep. –Grace S. Aspinwall WE LIKE: “All I Ask of You” 07.19.2011 BURLAP TO CASHMERE BURLAP TO CASHMERE ESSENTIAL RECORDS/ PROVIDENT –Andrew Greer WE LIKE: U2’s “Walk On” MOBY Destroyed (Mute) FOR FANS OF: Andy Hunter, Gorillaz, Daft Punk, Apt. Core QQQQ Moby continues to be one of electronic music’s most moody but compelling artists, gaining inspiration for his latest project from the mundane moments on tour (including 46 CCM