: CHRIST WITH DEREK WEBB AND RACHEL SHAVER “YOUR WILL BE DONE ON The Lord’s Prayer is misunderstood. It’s mystical. But EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN” it’s also foundational and informative. Ultimately, it’s our “feedback” to God. FEEDBACK: THE LORD’S PRAYER “Your Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven” is the last of the introductory lines of the prayer. It’s part of, again, posturing us before the Lord, in my opinion. The next section is the petition—where we begin to present our requests to God. This line is very much connected to the line before (“Your Kingdom Come”) in that it flows into “Your Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven.” This begins to tell us something about this mysterious place. In Heaven, there are no tears, there is no hunger, there is no thirst, there is no sadness, there is no death. We want our lives and our work to push back the effects of the fall—in order that God’s will might be done here in our midst. Like a lot of this prayer, this isn’t something that we ask for and then just sit back and wait and watch. The next part of the prayer, “On Earth As It Is In Heaven,” is something that we SAY and then we DO. We don’t just ask. We don’t just declare that it’s going to happen—we go and put our hands to work to make it happen. We participate with God in the “doing” of this, which wraps up the first section of the prayer. FOR MORE INFO ON DEREK WEBB, VISIT DEREKWEBB.COM http://www.ccmmagazine.com/article/derek-webb-the-lord-s-prayer-part-4/ 14 CCM