m u s ic ia n s c o r n er in the studio By Andrew Greer Album Title: What If We Were Real Label: sparrow release date: April 2011 recording Studio: Chris stevens’ Fab Music, Nashville, Tenn. Producer: Chris stevens, dan Muckala and Chance scoggins number of Songs: 11 Studio PreP 101: I do a 20 minute vocal warm-up right before I sing and drink lots of water! HoneSty rockS: “What If We Were Real” is the first song I wrote for the album and is probably the most honest song I’ve ever written. Plus, I like to rock out every now and then! Mountain HigH, Valley low: I have learned that people appreciate knowing that they are not the only ones that go through highs and lows and that I need to be transparent in my triumphs and struggles. BgV delegation: I perform some of the background vocals, but I also like the textures that accompany a couple of different voices on a track. PreP tecH: As a songwriter and a busy touring artist, Mandisa needs portable resources for creating away from home. Here’s a quick rundown of her favorite way to write while on the road: • I write using Garage Band on my Apple MacBook. • Pros: An accurate accounting of how the song came about. • Cons: An accurate accounting of how my voice sounds sometimes. Ugh! With… ManDIsa for a prevIew of oTher aLBuMs reLeasIng soon, vIsIT ToDayschrIsTIanMusIc.coM/new-reLeases. for More InforMaTIon on ManDIsa, vIsIT ManDIsa.coM. in-Studio MicroPHoneS: Sony c800, Manley Reference otHer gear: Shadow Hills Mic Pres, Retro Sta-Level, Empirical Labs Distressors 50 CCM 50 CCM