From Grammy and Soul Train performances to production credits by music greats Kirk Franklin and R. Kelly, the stylish Gospel-Urban outfit of Trin-i-tee 5:7 is no stranger to commercial success. But T57’s Chanelle Haynes says the group’s focus remains missional. And in an insider interview, the founding member provides the skinny on the group’s upcoming project, A New Day (Music World Gospel)—due out in April—plus explains why Gospel music’s biggest selling trio is now a duo. CCM: Longtime member Adrian Anderson has left the group. Why the split? Chanelle Haynes: Adrian is now in the process of developing a beauty line while Angel and i are finishing up our latest album. We came together and made a decision that we believed was timely. CCM: How has the group evolved through the transition? Chanelle: We want our listeners to really know our hearts and our stories. Our victories, our heartbreaks, joy and pain are all revealed on this album. Our style and sound has evolved along with our story. CCM: What lyrical themes emerge on this record? Chanelle: We talk about God in many capacities—His mercy and grace, Him giving us strength to weather any storm… Our undying love for Him is also expressed. CCM: What is the group’s overall mission? Chanelle: Our mission is to reach those who have never stepped foot into a church and share the message of God with them. CCM: After 10 successful years in Christian and mainstream marketplaces, what advice would you offer an upcoming artist with crossover appeal? Chanelle: Be certain of what you want to accomplish so that you have something to hold on to when things are challenging. Also, focus on pleasing God more than pleasing people with your ministry. — Andrew Greer Trin-i-tee 5.7 urban highlights a decade discography if you are new to Trin-i-tee 5:7’s hip urban/Gospel sounds, browse through their Gold-certified, Grammy- nominated, Dove and Stellar Award- winning back catalog to see what you’ve been missing! 1998: Trin-i-tee 5:7 1999: Spiritual Love 2002: The Kiss 2007: Holla: The Best of Trin-i-tee 5:7 2007: T57 2009: Love, peace, Joy at Christmas . CCM 45