if an artist’s work is a reflection of their recent mood or experiences, Matt Brouwer’s upcoming release should be rather sunny. That’s because the Juno Award winning singer/songwriter got mar- ried less than a year ago, providing him with a whole new perspective, as he says, from anything he’s pondered before. The nova Scotia native released Where’s Our Revolution in 2009, an album praised by multiple media outlets and produced by the Grammy-winning Michael Omartian (Rod Stewart, Amy Grant). The darker album produced Brouwer’s biggest hit to date with “Sometimes,” proving fans resonated with the somber tones within. That should change, however, with Brouwer’s change in circumstance. “i just got married in August of last year,” says Brouwer. “That changed my perspective a lot. it’s helped me see the world differently, and so I think that will make this record different from anything else i’ve ever done. i don’t know thematically exactly what will come out, but the last album i wrote after one of my older siblings had passed away, so there was a darker, somber, more pensive way of looking at life. i tend to be an analyzer, so my last record had a lot of that. This album will project this season of life i’ve been in, which is a lot more hopeful and positive.” Currently, Brouwer’s in what he calls the “collecting” process, the moments before recording where he gathers his thoughts, finds his muse and documents the events and feelings of the recent past. it’s the longest part, but it’s also his favorite. “it starts off with me just collecting songs and getting inspired by different things,” says Brouwer. “i have to take the time to figure out what God is doing in my life and what i have to say. When i record, i take that as a great responsibility, too. So i can’t say exactly what the record is about right now. i’m just getting stuff down on paper, which is my favorite part of the process. The sky’s the limit. you never know where it’s going to land.” Brouwer also admits that an album of hopeful songs will make sense in the live setting as well. With the changes in the music industry, the interaction with fans becomes more meaningful than ever, so expanding the emotional spectrum becomes another reason to focus on his happier experi- ences. “you make an album so you can keep going on the road,” explains Brouwer. “it’s really become about sharing music and sharing with an audience. That’s a nice place that music has come to and i’m excited to let people know that more positive, hopeful songs live. you know, you can only have so many depressing songs back to back.” — Matt Conner Matt Brouwer getting to knoW matt age: 30 status: Married to Hannah (2010) Church: The Woodlands (Texas) supports: TOMS Shoes, World vision Biggest Hit: “Sometimes” Highlight: Matt sings with Amy Grant and vince Gill on “The Other Side” from his last album, Where’s Our Revolution. CCM 43