red until We Have faces (Essential/Sony) FOR FANS OF: Decyfer Down, Breaking Benjamin QQQQ The intensity and power felt in the first few seconds of “Feed The Machine” offers evidence enough to know Red isn’t remotely interested in resting upon the overwhelming success of their first two albums. Until We Have Faces serves up a modern rock feast, from the searing guitar of “Faceless” to the emotional arrangement of “not Alone.” if anything, Faces cements Red as one of rock music’s staples for the next decade. –Matt Conner WE LIKE: “Lie to Me (Denial)” pHil Keaggy interdimensional traveler (Strobie Records) FOR FANS OF: Instrumental guitar QQQ Working with keyboardist Jack Giering and drummer John Sferra (Glass Harp), legendary guitarist Phil Keaggy formed a trio for his latest collection of instrumental works. The material on Interdimensional Traveler forms intimate soundscapes that perfectly complement the wintry season in which it’s released. yet it also limits the material here to rather bland background noise most of the time, a frustrating aspect considering the incredible talent level combined here. –Matt Conner WE LIKE: “How’s It Feel” HawK nelson Crazy Love (Good Fight Music) FOR FANS OF: Relient K, The Click Five, Skillet QQQQ Blazing a follow-up charge to their 2008 musical mantra, Live Life Loud, with a challenge to love others unconditionally, the electric pop-punk quartet continues their youthful reach via searing guitars, hyper drum patterns and spunky vocals. Filtering relevant teen topics through the lens of Christ’s love, this convicted foursome extends loads of grace to anxious adolescents thanks to their hyper-kinetic, spiritually sensitive performances. –Andrew Greer WE LIKE: “Crazy Love” roCK reviews All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit roCK new releases 02.01.2011 RED untiL We HAVe fACes (ESSEnTiAL RECORDS/ pROviDEnT) pARACHUTE BAnD LoVe WitHout MeAsure (inTEGRiTy MUSiC/ pROviDEnT) OvERCOME tHe GreAt CAMPAiGn of sABotAGe (FACEDOWn RECORDS/ pROviDEnT) 02.08.2011 HAWK nELSOn CrAzY LoVe (BEC RECORDinGS/EMiCMG) 02.15.2011 STRypER tHe CoVerinG (BiG 3 RECORDS/pROviDEnT) THE FAMinE tHe ArCHiteCts of GuiLt (BEC RECORDinGS/EMiCMG) roCk 40 CCM