Kristian stanfill Mountains Move (sixsteps) FOR FANS OF: Chris Tomlin, Fee, Chris August QQQ Marry Chris Tomlin’s corporate worship with Phil Wickham’s shimmering pop/rock and you get a snapshot of Kristian Stanfill’s second CD. sixsteps’ first new artist signing since its inception, the rising worship leader’s chiming power anthems, epic sing-alongs and arena-sized production fit the bill. Worship music fans should definitely invest in Stanfill’s worthy sophomoric contributions, but whether these tunes possess enough original zing to stand out from the popular Passion pack is still to be determined. –Andrew Greer WE LIKE: “Lord Almighty” Hillsong United Aftermath (Hillsong/Sparrow) FOR FANS OF: Modern worship QQQQ The studio treatment given to Aftermath’s arrangements removes the arena- filled vigor and youthful zeal, but Hillsong United’s latest is a testament to a mature, talented ensemble coming together to forge their best work yet. The muted builds on “Awakening” and melodic choices on “Rhythms of Grace” provide a stunning contrast to the typical flow of a United album. Some fans might flinch, but this is the artistic statement many of us have been waiting for…a fantastic worship album. –Matt Conner WE LIKE: “Rhythms of Grace” Know Hope ColleCtive Know Hope Collective (Integrity) FOR FANS OF: Audio Adrenaline, Hillsong United QQQ Although Audio Adrenaline fans will most likely rejoice at the thought of their beloved band reuniting, Mark Stuart and Will McGinnis want to be clear that this project has a different purpose. This intricate album is an eloquent montage of stories and songs, including re-workings of hits like “Ocean Floor” and “The Good Life” and the perfect “Jealous God.” The emotions and elegance of the work (borne out of time with their Hands and Feet organization) is simply flawless. –Grace S. Aspinwall WE LIKE: “Jealous God” worsHip reviews All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit worsHip new releases 02.15.2011 HiLLSOnG UniTED AfterMAtH (HiLLSOnG/EMiCMG) GATEWAy WORSHip God Be PrAised dVd (inTEGRiTy MUSiC/ pROviDEnT) BETHEL LivE Be Lifted HiGH (KinGSWAy/EMiCMG) 02.22.2011 BRiAn DOERKSEn LeVeL Ground Cd & dVd (inTEGRiTy MUSiC/ pROviDEnT) Worship 36 CCM