FilM I’m In Love With A Church Girl Director: Galley Molina “It has been an anointed project from day one.” That’s how producer/writer Galley Molina describes his upcoming film, I’m In Love With A Church Girl—a story that’s close to Molina’s heart because, well, it’s his story. “It’s the story about the power of God working in a man’s life and also how God used a woman to change my life,” says Molina. “I’d never step foot into a Christian church until my girlfriend, who is my wife now, took me on our first date. So through a series of events and trials and tribulations, God took me all the way around the block to get me to go next door. God knew the way to my heart was through a woman, so that’s what the movie is about.” Those trials and tribulations Molina describes are what make the story behind the story so powerful, since Church Girl was penned in the most unexpected of places. “I actually wrote this from a federal prison cell,” says Molina. “I wrote a few stories and I wrote them as release—not literal, of course— but I could relive my own life and it was a way of getting out of where I was mentally and spiritually.” Molina admits he didn’t picture the story of his own life as a movie, but he was already pitching a book idea when a friend turned him onto the possibility. The story resonated so much with the eventual stars of the movie that actors were lowering contract demands just to be a part of it—larger names like Ja Rule, Adrienne Bailon, Stephen Baldwin and even Toby Mac, who makes his acting debut in the film. “God gives us all a testimony or story, and they all deserve to be told in some format. But this story is a powerful story. I always say that God uses extreme measures to deal with extreme circumstances. I was an extreme circumstance.” The other aspect working in Molina’s favor to tell his story is the overall climate in Hollywood when it comes to faith-based media. At one time, mentioning the word Christian or church was taboo, but the success of Christian films over the last several years has opened doors for new ideas like Molina’s to impact the mainstream. “It just so happened that over the last several years, there’s been this insurgence of faith-based films and the mainstream is starting to take notice. So we just said, ‘Let’s give it a shot and let’s see what we can put together.’ So we embarked on the journey, put it in script form, got our budget and now we’re talking today.” Molina has a background in the music industry, so it’s not surprising to see the soundtrack with its own all-star cast—Israel Houghton, India Arie, Third Day, Toby Mac, Mary Mary, Fred Hammond and several others all appear. The film’s score was even composed by Academy Award winning Bruce Fowler. In the end, it’s a sign that Molina won’t be the only one to fall in love with this Church Girl. visit CCM 57