performer’s edge wiTh Tom JAckSon story behind the song ashes Remain “everyThinG Good” Album: what i’ve become record Label: Fair Trade Services release date: August 23 Ashes Remain’s lead singer, Josh Smith describes their first single as, “praising God when nothing makes sense. Like Paul singing praise songs while sitting in jail.” Without question, the song, “Everything Good” is a bit of an oddity on the group’s label debut, What I’ve Become. While the album overall deals with deep, painful issues that we all face at some point in our lives, “Everything Good” is a moment of reprieve from the dark. Click here to watch the story behind the song and stay tuned for more from this band whose arena-ready rock is sure to put them in the spotlight for quite some time. click heRe to Watch the exclusive viDeo. check out foR moRe info. PRocRastination is a 4-letteR WoRD I’d just gotten off the phone with someone asking for my assistant, Jodi. He’d sent an email two days earlier and hadn’t gotten a response. He was ready to get going with things! (I found it amusing, because my assistant is usually the one trying to track people down.) With all the calls and emails we get, I can say we basically deal with 2 kinds of people: 1. Those serious about their career, prioritizing their goals and following through on them in a timely way; and 2. The procrastinators. For instance, there’s this artist from New York. His band will be working with our whole team, possibly getting us to do some filming... and he’s been literally calling everybody. He’s so on top of it. I mentioned to Jodi yesterday this guy is going to be successful, and I don’t even know what he sounds like yet! He’s taking his career seriously. He’s taking the right steps in a timely manner, and he’s not procrastinating. On the other hand, we’re constantly contacted by people and organizations—artists wanting to work, groups putting on events, etc—who have good ideas, but don’t carry through on them. They’re just as serious about their careers and their plans. But they’re also great procrastinators, waiting until the last minute for everything. A week before their big showcase, a few days before a tour...and they expect us to create magic. They don’t take the time to do it right. So for all you procrastinators out there who say you’re serious about being successful in your career—get to it! Prioritize, make your list of what needs to be done, let your “yes” be yes and your “no” be no. I’ve been guilty of this; I get caught up in the urgent and forget about the important. We’ve been talking about a couple projects for a month now, and I finally decided “enough!” These are always getting pushed aside. It’s time to stop talking about them, and start doing them. Don’t push aside the things that are important! And can I suggest a Step #1 for your career? Come to our September 9-10 Nashville Bootcamp to work on your live show. It’s a great way to stop procrastinating and move forward! Tom Jackson, #1 Live Music Producer in the industry, helps artists develop their show into “unique memorable moments!” A Live Music Producer does onstage with the live show, what a record producer does in the studio. Tom’s Live Music Methods make your live show engaging, exceeding audience’s expectations and creating fans for life. Many successful artists have learned from Tom: Taylor Swift, Jars of Clay, Jordin Sparks, Casting Crowns, Francesca Battistelli, Gloriana, and other acts you admire! For more info, go to 54 CCM musicians corner