in the studio By Andrew Greer with... Rush of fools Album Title: We Once Were Label: eOne Christian release date: Fall 2011 recording Studio: Sweet Tea Studio, Oxford, MS Producer: Dennis Herring number of Songs: Between 11 and 13... New SoNg: We Once Were is telling the new story of our band. God has taken us through a lot since our last release. There have been sporadic ups loaded with a laundry list of downs in the life of our ministry. So lyrically we struggle with faith while landing our hope in the sovereignty of God. Musically, it feels like a fresh version of nineties alternative rock. –Kevin Huguley Mood MuSic: There’s a weight of emotions when making what seems the most influential record of our career. Plus, we were pulled out of our normal element into the little town of Oxford, Mississippi. There was a heavy sense of excitement and little moments of anxiety. My guess is you will feel the mood on this record like never before on previous ROF tunes. –K.H. Producer Pick: Our new material is more aggressive, so we knew we wanted to throw our rulebook out in the realm of producing. I first read the name Dennis Herring on a Mute Math album. We emailed him about working on our new record and to our surprise Dennis had been keeping an eye on us for some time. Before we knew it, we were making a record together! –K.H. foR moRe infoRmation on Rush of fools, visit crazy coNSole: Kevin gives us the lowdown on using a celebrity console in the studio... • Piece of Gear: The mother of all analog boards: the Neve 8038 console. • SPecS: As crazy as it sounds, this is the specific console the Rolling Stones used for over a decade. • ProS: Too many to name, but often people admire the preamps. • conS: If there is a con, some might be annoyed that it doesn’t have flying faders. 50 CCM musicians corner