Beckah Shae Though her hardship-filled history seemed hopeless, it was in her darkest trials Beckah Shae discovered God’s saving grace. Feeling a divine urgency to share her salvation story and help others find an identity in Christ, Shae releases her latest testimonial CD, Destiny (Shae Shoc records) August 18, and shares more with CCM about her passion-filled artist ministry. You wear big plastic “love glasses” on stage to reflect the title of your latest single, “#putyourloveglasseson.” What’s the heart behind the get-up? Beckah: It’s a reminder to see people through the eyes of love. 1 John 4:8 says if we don’t know love we don’t know God, because God is Love. I’m passionate about spreading the Gospel of “love.” we all have to work on not judging and criticizing. Everyone has a story, a purpose and a destiny. “God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart.” (1 Samuel 16: 7) Speaking of convictions by fashion, you have committed to wear gold every day for a year. Do explain! Beckah: Gold makes me think of heaven and glory. In 2011 I declared I’m going to live like heaven and thought it would be fun to wear the color every day for a year. It’s been awesome getting dressed every day. I feel like royalty and God has revealed so much to me regarding just that! What themes does Destiny explore? Beckah: For me, my destiny is heaven and hearing, “well done.” This life gets tough, and I want those who are fighting the good fight to listen to these songs and be edified. It’s also a call to those who aren’t in line to get in position because our time here is but a vapor. Your husband is your producer. How does his influence behind the board affect your sound? Beckah: Shoc will produce a beat first. Then I go into the studio and record and write on the mic from my heart. After I finish writing and recording the melody and lyric, he will decorate the track with extra sounds and highlights. It’s very unique. A new record, a new radio single, collaborating with Montell Jordan and receiving your first Dove Award nod—you’ve been busy! How do you find time to spiritually recharge? Beckah: you forgot mother of two! [Laughs] At times I feel completely empty and weak. God reminds me that He lives inside of me and in my weakness He is strong. I understand that I am His, and my job is to be grateful and faithful. urban highlights Beckah Shae may be a new name to some of you, but she’s been releasing records independently since 2006. Below is a list of her passionate discography. Purchase your copy at! Butterfly – 2006 Emmanuel - 2007 Joy – 2008 Life – 2010 Destiny - 2011 — Andrew Greer CCM 47