roCk DoWnhere on the Altar of love (Centricity) FOR FANS OF: Coldplay, DC Talk (Supernatural era), Del Amitri QQQQ As one of the most consistently innovative alt-pop acts of the past decade, Downhere continues to deliver a blend of harmony- stacked choruses, melodic song structures and ethereal arrangements. On the Altar of Love finds the fellas’ already superb songwriting advancing to challenge believers’ complacency and break beyond the church’s walls to spread spiritually-informed social reform. while the group’s always been a critical favorite, this uplifting batch will likely introduce an increasingly apparent pop sensibility to the masses. roCK revieWs roCK neW releAses because this band has a current sensibility that is quite good. “wannabe” is a fun song, very reminiscent of mainstream contemporaries Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars. However, unlike Timberlake and Mars, this is a strong project (though lyrics are a bit lacking in depth) that parents and teens will be able to enjoy together. –Grace S. Aspinwall WE LIKE: “Hold Me Together” FAreWell DriFters echo Boom (Heart Squeeze Records) FOR FANS OF: Decemberists, early Caedmon’s Call QQQ There’s a loose, front- porch vibe on Farewell Drifters third studio release, Echo Boom, and it’s that anyone- and-everyone vibe that draws the listener closer to their affecting harmonies and breezy style. The Decemberists echo on “you were There” provides the album’s strongest punch, but its weaker moments run together for some forgettable results (“Little Boy” to “Heart of a Slave”). Still Echo Boom remains a worthy listen for its refreshing pace and open arms. –Matt Conner WE LIKE: “Silhouettes” 08.02.2011 08.23.2011 08.30.2011 SOUTHBOUND FEArING TBD rED COrD rECOrDS/ PrOVIDENT DOwNHErE on THe AlTer of love CENTrICITy rECOrDS/EMICMG MIKESCHAIr A BeAuTiful life CUrB rECOrDS/wOrD THE ADVICE THe ADviCe INPOP rECOrDS/EMICMG DECEMBErrADIO SouTHern ATTiC SeSSionS CHP/EMICMG ICON FOr HIrE SCripTeD TOOTH AND NAIL/EMICMG OH, SLEEPEr TBD TOOTH AND NAIL/EMICMG ASHES rEMAIN WHAT i’ve BeCoMe FAIr TrADE SErVICES/ PrOVIDENT yOUr CHANCE TO DIE SuSCiTATio SoMnuS rED COrD rECOrDS/ PrOVIDENT –Andrew Greer WE LIKE: “Only the Beginning” royAl tAilor Black and White (Provident Label Group) FOR FANS OF: Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, TobyMac QQQ Christian music has seen their “boy band” phase...Plus One and True Vibe introduced the crisp harmonies and pop sound. royal Tailor is here to bring it back. But don’t go expecting the pop sound of yesteryear, All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit category/rock/ 42 CCM