adult Contemporary steven Curtis ChApmAn re:creation (Sparrow) FOR FANS OF: SCC QQQQ whether newcomers to the SCC canon or longtime followers, there’s something for everyone on Steven Curtis Chapman’s latest, re:creation. The album features five new songs, one remake (“Morning Has Broken”) and eight re- imagined favorites from his back catalog. “Do Everything” impresses the most of the rookies as another strong up-tempo cut that kicks things off, while a reworked “Heaven in the real world” is the best reimagined work with its inventive instrumentation. whether old or new, however, the common thread among the tracks is Chapman’s ability to change the heart’s perspective time and time again. ADult ContemporAry revieWs ADult ContemporAry neW releAses FernAnDo ortegA Come Down o love Divine (Stylos) FOR FANS OF: Sara Groves, Chris Rice, Michael Card QQQQ with his tender musical touch, Ortega fills a nearly liturgical song collection with stunning melodies and reverent instrumentation. Unmoved by current worship music trends—marked by the inclusion of three consummate choral-only pieces—the favored singer/songwriter invokes spiritual thoughtfulness through his purely motivated hymnody, moving listeners beyond benign listening sessions into a profound worship experience. Fernando is an enduring Christian music gem not to be taken for granted by those seeking authentic worship expressions through music. –Andrew Greer WE LIKE: “Kyrie I” DArA mACleAn you got My Attention (Fervent) FOR FANS OF: Francesca Battistelli, Natasha Bedingfield QQQ The sprightly radio single, “Suitcases” has gained a lot of acclaim for newcomer Dara Maclean, and with its hopeful message about releasing burdens, it’s no surprise. Maclean also exudes hopefulness on the exceptional, “Free,” where comparisons to powerhouse Natasha Bedingfield ring especially true. However, the remainder of the album plays like an identity crisis. Moments of soul and pop are woven throughout, but with no clear style, it feels a bit contrived, but fans of Francesca Battistelli will likely quickly become fans of Dara. –Grace S. Aspinwall WE LIKE: “Free” 08.09.2011 08.23.2011 STEVEN CUrTIS CHAPMAN re:CreATion SPArrOw rECOrDS/EMICMG BETHANy DILLON BeAuTiful: THe HiTS ColleCTion SPArrOw rECOrDS/EMICMG SELAH Hope of THe Broken WorlD CUrB rECOrDS/wOrD GINNy OwENS geT in, i’M Driving NU SPrINGS/EMICMG VArIOUS noW & THen: WorD’S Six DeCADeS of HiTS wOrD rECOrDS/wOrD AArON SHUST THiS iS WHAT We Believe CENTrICITy rECOrDS/EMICMG LINDSAy MCCAUL if iT leADS Me BACk rEUNION rECOrDS/ PrOVIDENT –Matt Conner WE LIKE: “Do Everything” ginny oWens get in, i’m Driving (Soul Stride) FOR FANS OF: Sara Groves, Kelly Price QQQQ Longtime fans of Ginny Owens might be a bit jarred when listening to her first studio LP in five years, but the soulful energy that inhabits every song on Get In, I’m Driving will quickly win you over. whether it’s the jazzy Norah Jones feel of “Mystery of Grace” or the gospel tinged “Lay It Down,” it’s clear Owens has been busy exploring influences previously untouched. It’s a refreshing move and Owens has never sounded better. All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit category/adult-contemporary/ WE LIKE: “Lay It Down” 40 CCM –Matt Conner