Worship AAron Keyes Dwell (Kingsway) FOR FANS OF: Matt Redman, Aaron Shust, Hillsong United QQQQ Aaron Keyes has found the fine line between a performer and a worship leader; offering up an album that is flawlessly written and performed, while never losing the beauty of worship. It’s an impeccable sophomore album, packed with anthems like the title track, and the perfectly understated, “Hope is Dawning.” It ebbs and flows with an effortless joy, tending towards a softer Hillsong United style, but never feels boring, especially shining on “Sovereign Over Us”... undoubtedly a solid and worthy purchase for anyone. relationship with Christ and musically championing arena- sized, avant-garde worship anthems, Bashta fills every ounce of space with ambient guitars, pad pipe organs and humongous background vocals, effectively accompanying his bold God-thirsty verses. 08.02.2011 08.09.2011 .23.2011 Worship revieWs Worship neW releAses VArIOUS 51 MuST HAve MoDern WorSHip HiTS v2 INTEGrITy/PrOVIDENT BrOTHErS MCCLUrG Alive ep (DigiTAl) INTEGrITy/PrOVIDENT VArIOUS THe WorSHip AlBuM KINGSwAy/EMICMG PLANETSHAKErS noTHing iS iMpoSSiBle CD/DvD INTEGrITy/PrOVIDENT PATrICK ryAN CLArK WHere WoulD i Be wOrD rECOrDS/wOrD BETHEL LIVE AlTiTuDe v1 (reMix) KINGSwAy/EMICMG VArIOUS ArTISTS never leT go: SongS for THe STorMS of life KINGSwAy/EMICMG CINDy CrUSE rATCLIFF TWenTy THree UNIVErSAL MUSIC/EMICMG STEVE HArE THe reACH UNIVErSAL MUSIC/EMICMG wArr ACrES TBD DrEAM rECOrDS/EMICMG MErCyME Wur-SHip (fAMily CHriSTiAn SToreS exCluSive) FAIr TrADE SErVICES/ PrOVIDENT –Andrew Greer WE LIKE: “Dreamers” sons & DAughter Brokenness Aside (Integrity) FOR FANS OF: Gungor, Phil Wickham, The Swell Season QQQQ 0 http://aidsudan.org/radio-10-campai 8 g –Grace S. Aspinwall Discovering like- minded musical notions while leading worship for their home church in Franklin, TN, singer/ songwriters Leslie Jordan and David Leonard unassumingly nabbed the attention of mega worship label Integrity leading to the release of their first EP. Marrying warm indie-acoustic goodness with poignant praise phrases, plus the duo’s elegant vocals, makes for a unique worship experience that is still highly accessible in today’s vibey singer/ songwriter music culture. n 08.30.2011 All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit www.ccmmagazine.com/ category/worship WE LIKE: “Dwell” DAniel BAshtA –Andrew Greer WE LIKE: “Alive” The Sounds of Daniel Bashta (Integrity) FOR FANS OF: The Killers, John Mark McMillan, David Crowder Band QQQ Known for song credits like David Crowder Band’s “Like a Lion,” internationally cultured worship artist Daniel Bashta concocts an hour of passionate worship tracks on his first label release. Lyrically pursuing themes of surrender to and freedom through 38 CCM