All things Are mAde new AgAin by Caroline Lusk “God is really doing some recreating in our family. We’re learning to laugh again,” says Steven Curtis Chapman. Given the sprinkling of laughter in the background from two of his daughters who have just gotten breakfast (peanut butter and crackers anyone?), the joy that underlies his otherwise steady tone is tangible. Without question, the Chapmans are walking out of “a very dense, dark forest,” as Mary Beth Chapman puts it. As most remember, the Chapman’s daughter, Maria, went to heaven three years ago. The loss was sudden, tragic and, as anyone who has lost a loved one can understand, jarring in the deepest crevices of faith, understanding and peace. “There really is a sense that we’re moving towards her [Maria],” says Steven. “She’s a bigger part of our future than the past. There are still plenty of tears and still a broken heart, but it’s not only ok to laugh again, we are really experiencing joy. Saddling up my horse has a new meaning to me.” This new meaning is what his latest album is all about. re:creation features some of Steven’s most beloved songs—ours and his. “Choosing these songs was not an easy process,” shares Steven. “This was an album that seemed much easier in theory. I could do a whole volume of re:creation records. As a songwriter, you write songs at one point and then you go along on the adventure. Life experience, faith journey... all of that has so much about what these songs mean to me and a lot of it was birthed out of losing Maria.” 1 1 8 8 C CC CM M recreated