book Delirious: My Journey with the Band, a Growing Family, and an Army of Historymakers Author: Martin Smith & Craig Borlase When an era closes or a cycle is finished, it’s common practice to reflect back and tell the story. Thus, it wasn’t that surprising to hear the news that Martin Smith, the front man for 17 years for the seminal worship band Delirious?, was releasing a book describing the band’s journey. The unexpected news was that Smith’s wife, Anna, was simultaneously doing the same. For those curious about the journey of Martin Smith and company from leading worship in small churches to global success, Delirious: My Journey with the Band, a Growing Family, and an Army of Historymakers will fit the bill. But Anna’s book, Meet Mrs. Smith, chronicles the other side—what it meant to raise a family and stay rooted while Martin circled the world—and was actually the first of the Smiths’ books to be commissioned. “She’d been thinking about writing a book for about three years,” says Martin. “She started out writing that and pretty close to when she finished, I was approached by the same publisher asking, ‘Why don’t you write your story, too?’ So they ended up coming out at the same time. It’s weird and strange and wonderful all at the same time.” Encompassing an entire career became emotional at times, according to Martin, and it was important to recognize the greater movements of God’s grace and favor over the band. More than anything, those early moments provided tearful touch points to reflect on once again. “It was very emotional getting into some of the early stories,” explains Smith. “From a girl getting out of her wheelchair to playing in India to meeting a little girl we wanted to adopt. There are just so many stories in there that are very emotional, and even the realization that God decided to take a bunch of ordinary guys from Littlehampton, England and send them around the world singing songs is emotional in itself.” Martin hopes the book encourages others to take the same steps he’s learned to take—to step out in faith and believe in the calling and vision God is giving them. It’s the same “History Maker” heart that drew so many toward the band’s message in the first place. “The main thing is that I hope it will inspire another generation to go out and do it,” says Smith. “I want the book to inspire people to be who God has called them to be. Everyone has something that God has given them to do, and I hope the book inspires people to look in there and find what God has called to do and do it and not be fearful of that.” to keep up with the Latest news on martin’s creative endeavors, check out CCM 55