m u s ic ia n s c o r n er in the studio By Andrew Greer Album Title: Passion: Here For You Label: sixsteps release date: March 2011 recording Studio: Phillips Arena, White Cabin Studio and Berwick Lane Producer: Nathan Nockels number of Songs: 12—regular edition, 15—deluxe edition Stage vS. Studio: The way I approach [live recording] isn’t much different [from studio recording]. There is a writing phase, pre-production, rehearsing, recording and ‘fixing and mixing!’ The most obvious difference—I have a 20,000-person choir to squeeze into the mix. Con-Sole ReSponSibility: The engineer’s one job is to get everything coming off the stage recorded. I don’t want fancy EQ, compression, etc. I just need solid signal to tape. I can get fancy after I know everything has been captured on tape. big piCtuRe: I love the fact that these records are about more than one person or one song. The song represents a moment in time where everything aligned and created a pretty cool moment! with… Passion with nathan nockels For more inFormation on Passion, visit 268generation.com. geek’d by geaR: For Nathan, capturing the passion of the moment is elementary in preserving live energy. Here is a list of the producer’s favorite LIVE gear. PS. A Nathan must? Back the project up with a “Master” hard drive, as well as two “Safety Backups!” voCal MiCS: I use a Shure SM7b pretty exclusively for vocal fixes. When doing vocal fixes on a live record I don’t want the vocal sounding too ‘pretty.’ The SM7 puts a little ‘bite’ on the vocal. Cabinet MiCS: You can’t go wrong with a Shure 57 on guitar cabinets. I’ll also put a Royer 121 on the cabinet to warm up the Vox AC30’s. MiC pReaMpS: Vintech mic pres are pretty killer! I used the Vintech 473 a ton on different elements of the record. aMpS: I used an Orange TH30 a ton on the record. boaRd: We recorded the actual event through the Digidesign VENUE console. We set up a rig at front of house and also in “monitor world” back stage. 48 CCM 48 CCM