All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit inDie new reLeases 04.05.2011 PrEAsHEA HILLArD Live ouT Loud BLaCKSMOKE MuSIC/EONE EnTErTAInMEnT 04.19.2011 KIM BurrELL THe Love aLBuM EONE dISTrIBuTION aLL 4HyM ruraL rHYTM CHrisTian EONE dISTrIBuTION out oF hiDinG When Hope speaks eP (Independent) FOR FANS OF: Fee, Lincoln Brewster, Revive QQQQ Author and founder of Holy Fire Ministries, Justin Kendrick adds “pop/rock frontman” to his growing list of revival-inducing, disciple- pursuing endeavors. Incorporating sweeping guitar delays, arena-ready melodies, integral pop sense and produced by Grammy- nominated Brent Milligan, Out of Hiding’s latest stands up to worship rock’s biggest vets. But as Holy Fire’s musical agent, the quartet works from the conviction that God is more concerned about who they are, less about what they do – freeing the band to create lyrically challenging music motivated by souls rather than sales. –Andrew Greer WE LIKE: “Door of Heaven” DeBBie Forrest The Train song (Legendary Souls) FOR FANS OF: Ashley Cleveland, Meredith Andrews QQQ she serves as the worship leader for Good Shepherd uMC in Cypress, Tx, but don’t be fooled into thinking Debbie Forrest’s solo work is akin to her day job. Instead, The Train Song stands tall on soulful stories, powerful vocals and a personal feel that mirrors Ashley Cleveland more than any sunday morning fare. It’s a modest project, but “zion” and “Born Bad” are especially worth hearing. –Matt Conner WE LIKE: “Born Bad” aFter eDmunD Times Have Changed eP (self-released) FOR FANS OF: Cobra Starship, Metro Station, Family Force 5 QQQQ The title behind the Grammy-nominated After Edmund’s latest EP Times Have Changed is especially telling considering the foursome’s impressive musical evolution since last year’s dvd/EP set Spaceships & Submarines. Sure, the group’s introspective songwriting and innovative musical experimentation remain in tact. But thanks to newly explored terrain in the dance-laden pop/alternative rock direction, the half dozen tracks contained therein are nothing short of a synth-saturated throw down of spiritually provocative proportions. –Andy Argyrakis WE LIKE: “Sunshine” inDie reviews indie 42 CCM