After turning in a concept collection about a teenager’s journal entries throughout 2009’s Dear Diary, FM static returns to rolling the windows down with a carefree pop sound on the brand new My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go (Tooth & Nail). That isn’t to say the group’s fourth long player isn’t loaded with a meaty message from front man Trevor Mcnevan and drummer steve Augustine, whose names may also look familiar for their roles in Thousand Foot Krutch. Check out what Mcnevan has to say about FM static’s current season and what it’s like to balance both bands. CCM: How has FM static evolved on the new album? trevor mcnevan: This record is a little more polished intentionally, brushing shoulders a little more with Top 40. I hope you get as inspired listening to it as I was writing it. It’s a fun record that’s very nostalgic. FM has always been about life, faith and relationships. sometimes I’m poking fun at myself, other moments it can be about life’s obstacles and the challenges we face along the way, and other times, just fun songs to add to the playlist. CCM: What’s the story behind the lengthy but memorable title? mcnevan: It was based off of the title of a song that I had written for the new record. It’s basically about every time we stop and over think the things we feel we’re supposed to do, instead of just doing them [with a] child-like faith. CCM: What inspired the humor within the artwork of the album’s liner notes? mcnevan: We had been working with ryan Clark [Demon Hunter] on the cover concept and decided on an old muscle car with an “FM” plate on it based on the album title. So from there, we just ran with it, and hooked up with our good friend/photographer david Molnar and shot a funny and more serious shoot. I went to this great costume shop in nashville and picked up some sweetness, as you will see inside. It was hilarious; we couldn’t keep a straight face. CCM: How are you able to balance your duties between FM static and Thousand Foot krutch? mcnevan: They are both so specific to me, and worlds apart from each other. FM Static started about 8 or 9 years ago, long after TFK, as a side project and pop-driven outlet. steve and I both enjoy it and it’s fun to see the connection that’s built over the years. — Andy Argyrakis FM Static roCk highlights the act: Emery the site: the sound: Hard rock the Buzz: Though Emery was once signed to Tooth & Nail records, the group’s latest CD is so loud, the band made the jump to sister label solid state for We Do What We Want. “The overall vibe of the album is heavy, heavy, heavy,” says vocalist/guitarist Toby Morrell. “we wanted to make this album the heaviest thing we had ever done, and I think we accomplished it.” the act: red the site: the sound: Alternative rock the Buzz: Props are in order to red, whose third studio CD Until We Have Faces landed at #2 on the mainstream Billboard Top 200 chart (a rarely accomplished feat by a faith-based band). the act: various artists/ rocklahoma the site: the sound: Hard rock the Buzz: One of the largest heavy music festivals in the entire world (Oklahoma’s rocklahoma from May 27-29) includes an appearance from skillet, who are sure to be roaring lambs amidst mainstream-minded megastars like Mötley Crüe, staind, Whitesnake, seether and Papa roach. CCM 41