reBecca st. James i Will Praise You (Beech Street/Reunion Records) FOR FANS OF: Hillsong, Meredith Andrews, Tenth Avenue North QQQ From modern pop to synth-laden worship and Celtic-tinged balladry, st. James breaks her five-year silence with a mature worship- oriented collection, featuring the softer side of her trademark Aussie vocal to properly carry the ten-song praise set. But for a project touted as the Christian music veteran’s most personal, there is little stated vulnerability— aside from the final track’s tender inclusion of the serenity prayer. Even so, I Will Praise You proves it sure is nice to have rebecca back. –Andrew Greer WE LIKE: “You Make Everything Beautiful” Justin unGer some Good advice (Heights Music) FOR FANS OF: MercyMe, Josh Wilson, Tenth Avenue North QQQ With strong corporate intuitions due to his staff worship leading experience at Prescott, Arizona’s Heights Church and qualified commercial discernment thanks to his former membership in the Dove-nominated duo, Across the sky, unger’s second independent recording relies successfully on sturdy vertical lyrics, infectious pop hooks and the singer/songwriter’s attractive vocal chops. Though song formulas are familiar, Some Good Advice’s solid acoustic/electric mix squarely contends with radio-ready contemporaries and results in an above par pop-worship release. –Andrew Greer WE LIKE: “Strangers” tenth avenue north Live: inside & in Between (Reunion) FOR FANS OF: The Afters, MercyMe, Brandon Heath QQQ recapping their first few years in the biz with a sonically and visually top-notch live Cd/dvd, the four fellas take their fans from center stage to a backstage exploration of the heart behind the music. Comprised of their Gospel-priority radio hits, the short six-song set list proves their popular appeal is undeniable. And though lead singer Mike Donehey’s inspirational grace chats are illustrated mainly for teens, Tenth Avenue offers a good bit of spiritual meat for a sophomore pop band. –Andrew Greer WE LIKE: “Hold My Heart” aDuLt contemporary reviews aDuLt contemporary new reLeases 04.05.2011 NEwSBOyS Born aGain: MiraCLes ediTion INPOP/EMICMG rEBECCA sT. JAMEs i WiLL Praise You ESSENTIaL rECOrdS/ PrOvIdENT MArK sCHuLTz THe BesT oF Mark sCHuLTz wOrd rECOrdS/wOrd MAnDIsA WHaT iF We Were reaL SParrOw rECOrdS/EMICMG 04.12.2011 JONNy dIaz JonnY diaz INO/PrOvIdENT 04.26.2011 JOHNNIE aNd BrOOKIE Love is CaLLinG BEMaMEdIa/PrOvIdENT adult Contemporary All release dates and album titles are subject to change. For the most up-to-date release schedule, visit 38 CCM