16 CCM Lifting open hands to you my savior, beautify my soul… “That’s my prayer,” says Rebecca. “I finally realized that I have to rely on Him. Knowing that I’m not enough and that I have to trust Him, is when I felt like He told me, ‘You are ready.’” He didn’t have to tell her twice. Within the span of a few weeks, Rebecca will be releasing her first new album in 5 years and making the biggest commitment of her life—marriage. Why now? Very simply, she was ready. CCM sat down with Rebecca, who has been the voice of purity and integrity for young women and girls throughout her career at the top of the Christian music world, to catch up on the music, the mentor and, of course, the man and marriage. CCM: Well, obviously, we want to know all about your fiancé and upcoming marriage. But… let’s talk music first. This album is really a return to the worship music that began your career so many years ago. Why deliver this album now? Rebecca: I’m not someone who just hashes something out because it’s time to hash something out. It doesn’t feel organic and real to me. I’m very committed to being authentic and real and showing up with my heart. I could have put out an album a couple years ago, but it wouldn’t have much of me in it. The timing wasn’t right. The timing is so right now. God has given me very certain things to say that I didn’t have two or three years ago. CCM: After delivering pop hit after pop hit, what was it that compelled you to deliver not only worship songs, but new, never-before-heard worship songs? Rebecca: Worship really is my foundation for music. On my first tour, when I was 13, I was doing worship music. After listening to a lot of my fans, we kept hearing that they wanted fresh worship songs, not just another worship album that’s my version of songs that they already know. There are only two covers on the album and eight new songs that I helped write. 16 CCM