FilM Reviews Brian Baugh desires to make authentic art that resonates with a wide audience—Christian or not. It’s a mantra that matches the music surrounding Charlie Peacock, so it’s no surprise that the two collaborated on this year’s feature film, To Save A Life. While Peacock organized the soundtrack, Baugh directed the release and it seems the collaboration paid off in spades, given the audience response from Baugh’s perspective. “There are so many great responses, so it’s hard to have a favorite,” says Baugh. “But as a filmmaker and artist who desires to make something for all audiences, I like the subtle responses from someone who doesn’t have any relationship with Christ that ends up enjoying the movie. One of my huge hopes was that it would be a movie for all audiences and all people. So even though it dealt with spiritual themes, it wouldn’t feel manipulative and people without faith could still take something from it and apply it to their own lives. That really means a lot to me.” The high school scene provided a rich backdrop upon which Baugh and writer Jim Britts could work. Britts is also a youth pastor, so he knows the territory. Baugh’s own background lends itself to such stories as well. “I just love that time of life,” says Baugh. “I did a little youth work myself and that was impacting in my own life. It’s such a fertile ground for telling stories. There’s so much that people at that age are doing to figure out who they are and what they want to be about, so it was exciting to me to get to dive in and tell a story within that time frame and that stage of life. There were some big turning points in my life at that time.” For Baugh, the subject of adolescent suicide hit home with his own experience. To Save A Life provided a personal and professional outlet to explore his own feelings a bit more, as well as to try to provide answers for those currently dealing with such issues. “I had two friends—one in eighth grade and one in high school—commit suicide,” he explains. “They were pretty close friends. I knew what the lead character was going through and some of the questioning and some of the thoughts that go through his mind. So I can relate. “It’s been touching to see the people who have friends dealing with suicide or even those who personally have dealt with it respond to it,” he continues. “There are folks who have rethought their own scenarios of cutting or other issues who have seen the movie and said they want to try to make some changes and get some healing.” For more information on To Save a Life Official Site: DVD: Now available in stores and online CCM 61