hoW music speaks healing and hope By Rachel Ferguson , mm, mt-Bc, nicu-mt The Voice Box To learn more about Rachel and connect with her with your questions, comments or thoughts, log onto more In the CCM world, we typically think of music as entertainment, a medium of worship or simply background noise. But for many, music is healing, therapeutic and life-giving. Rachel Ferguson, a music therapist in San Diego, California has worked with countless individuals all over the world in a variety of circumstances. From children dealing with autism to caregivers watching a loved one slip away, much like David did for Saul, she has brought music as a healing and soothing presence into their lives. Beyond therapy, she has also found God in music when it has been a challenge to find Him elsewhere. CCM is excited to partner with Rachel as she digs deep every month into “The Voice Box” and explores more elements of this God-given mystery we like to call music. My name is Rachel. I’m a Christian and a vocalist. I mention these two facts at the beginning because they have shaped my life since I was a little girl. Music and church were synonymous throughout my college years at Samford University in Birmingham, Ala. However, since earning my bachelor’s degree in vocal performance the symmetry between the two lessened. I went to graduate school (Go Florida State!). I got married and embarked on life. Throughout though, I have struggled to find a church home that bridges music and worship in a way that helps me draw nearer to God. So in recent years I have turned to my guitar and my voice to worship in the sanctuary of my home, singing hymns and praise songs that comfort my spirit and help me give praise to the One who gave me my voice. In “The Voice Box,” I look forward to sharing with you my journey to serve God, to share His message of love and to be a musician. I’ll talk with you about my work as a voice teacher, a music therapist (I promise to explain to you exactly WHAT music therapy is!) and my ongoing search for a church home in which I can minister through music and be ministered to as well. I want to start a conversation with you... what influenced me… what influences you and how you can incorporate music into your family’s life, into worship and how you can use all forms of music, both secular and sacred, to minister to the world. Send me your thoughts. Send me your questions. Jump in and let your voice be heard. Just like God, music can’t be contained within a single dimension or understanding. So join me, friends, as we break open the lid and dive deep into the endless possibilities I like to call “The Voice Box.” 56 CCM