With tom Jackson Performer’s edge To learn more about Tom, visit CliCk HERE to get a special CCM reader’s discount off of Tom’s next bootcamp for singers and band! more CCM is happy to announce the addition of a column just for all you musicians out there—Performer’s Edge. Renowned live music producer, Tom Jackson will pitch in each month to give worship leaders, band members and anyone else who might be on stage at some point practical, subtle, yet powerful advice for increase of confidence, authority on- stage and the “wow” factor. Who is Tom Jackson? He’s worked with everyone from Casting Crowns and Francesca Battistelli to Jordin Sparks and Taylor Swift. Add to that Jars of Clay and Gloriana and it’s easy to see why Tom Jackson is the number one live music producer. If that title sounds foreign, think of it like this—Tom creates on stage what a producer creates in the studio. With his live music methods, he helps artists develop their show into “unique memorable moments.” His shows are engaging, above and beyond audience expectations and instrumental in creating fans for life. While Tom regularly conducts workshops and performance bootcamps, he knows that there are many who are out of proximity, out of a budget or otherwise unable to attend. To that end, he created a series of DVDs for people just like you and me to watch, learn from and implement on our own timetable. Performance Review Ten minutes into Stand and Deliver: All Roads Lead to the Stage, I had already gleaned some incredible advice to plug into a performance of my own. The structure is simple enough—an artist performs a song “as is.” Then, from intro to verse to chorus, Tom walks the artist and audience through the process of editing a song for live performance, working the stage, working the mic and various other elements to give the performer the authority. The other DVD, Music Makeover: Turn Off the Stars, contains a similar approach, but with a full band. The transformation from start to finish on each DVD was impressive, yet accessible. Perhaps more suited for the title “live performance coach,” Tom’s approach makes seemingly impossible or, at the least, uncomfortable performance elements that make artists like U2 and Taylor Swift unforgettable, approachable. The changes are subtle. The learning curve not steep. But within an hour, a monotonous, slightly boring performance is not only better... its unforgettable. 54 CCM