with Brett Manning By Caroline Lusk Gear Guide If you come to Music City, otherwise known as Nashville, and utter the name Brett Manning, names like Taylor Swift and Keith Urban will probably come up. These artists and countless others, including Red’s frontman, Michael Barnes, have benefited from Brett’s unique, powerful brand of vocal coaching. And as of 1998, the rest of us— you know, those who haven’t won a Grammy yet—have had the opportunity to learn all his secrets too. Singing Success is the brand. Successful singing is the result. Guaranteed to expand your range, increase your vocal control and bring a song to life like never before, Brett seems to have unlocked the secret door into the world of golden vocals. Beyond great singing, though, Brett is a devoted father and bold Christian committed to integrity and excellence. After watching him do his thing in front of dozens of aspiring Christian artists at GMA’s IMMERSE, CCM caught up with him for a one-on-one about his method and faith. In his own words, Brett tells us all about his process to mastering arguably the most important piece of gear in a musical career—your voice. Tackling The singer’s mosT imporTanT insTrumenT: the voice Watch Brett walk a first-time student (aka, Editor, Caroline Lusk) through a basic lesson. 52 CCM